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America This Week! – Fake Vs. Real

It seems to me that the whole God damn world has lost its motherfuckin’ mind.  How else do you explain, everything and i do mean every God damn thing being so upside fucking down right now?  White is bad, black is right.  Guns are vicious, but rocks aight.  Nationalism is racist, but in reverse its well deserved.  Homosexuals are normal and the straights are now absurd.  Just looking at woman makes you misogynistic but punching on a man is simply being a feminist.  Perverts fuck their students, but no one cares unless he’s male.  All he needs is 1 received picture and his ass’ll go to jail.  Now don’t get me wrong, no one likes pedophile, but if they’re rich, famous or powerful, that shit’ll never go to trial.  “While you’re busy reading “rules for radicals”, A Real American Man is working his dick off Making America Great Again.”

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