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A Real Man Always Blames The Fucking Parents For The Kid Being A Fucking Idiot!

What’s with all this blaming the fucking children, blaming the Millennials, blaming Generation Z bullshit when every single fucking thought that’s ever come out of a kids mouth or empty fucking brain came directly from their parents or lack thereof?  What about blaming the God damn parents?  What about some personal fucking responsibility?  What’s up with all this passing the fucking buck nonsense?  Children, for the most part, and I mean like 99.999% of the fucking time, aren’t born insane, transgendered, confused, racist, stupid, pick-your-latest-trending-fucking-label, but as with everything else I say in all my writings, rantings & ravings, don’t fuckin’ believe me, just look the fuck around.  You’ll never, ever, ever see a totally fucked up kid, come out of great set of parents, nor will you ever see a totally awesome kid come out of fucked up set of parents.  Oh sure, you’ll see a fucked up kid come out of some parents, who claim to be fucking perfect in every way shape or form, by the media and the feelings-above-everyfuckingthingelse-my kids-and-I-are-best fucking-friends kindergarten society we now live in, but once your kid overdoses using the 2fucking K a month allowance you gave them for simply wiping their own asses, maybe then you’ll finally be able to see it, but probably fucking not.  Oh sure, every now and again, like .001% of the time, the opposite does happen, however like everything else in the universe, the exception to the rule is so fucking rare, it might as well not fucking exist.  “A Real Man never blames anyone, except the fuckeads that deserve it.”

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Where I Come From – Montgomery Gentry

“A Real Man always has pride in his home town, when it’s not littered with fucking shitheads.” ~ John D. The ARMed Comic

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International Harvester – Craig Morgan

“A Real Man always works hard, you could show a little fuckin’ respect.” ~ John D. – The ARMed Comic  

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Live Your Life – T.I., feat. Rihanna

“A Real Man never lets the haters bother him, bitches will be bitches.” ~ John D. – The ARMed Comic 

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DOIN’ THIS FOR YOU PART 1 – A Real Man Explains How Much Sacrifice It Really Takes To Be A Real Man Father

These collective stories are all about slamming on the breaks to everything in my life, not going to prison for killing every single motherfucker that deserved it & getting my temper under control to raise you, my one and only son right & teach you everything I could possibly think of good or bad.

Havin’ kids is a bitch. It’s like slammin’ the fucking breaks on every hope, dream & aspiration you’ve ever had in your entire life, simultaneously, unless of course you’re like most women and having kids was your only & every hope, dream & aspiration you’ve ever fucking had since the second you came out of the last woman with the exact same original fucking epiphany, but for A Real Man who intends on being fucking present for his child’s childhood, or someone with a sincere desire to accomplish something truly unique, unlike bringing another 18 year contractual obligation into the world, like say, inventing electricity, writing one of the greatest books in the history of mankind or building an empire from scratch, it’s like hitting a fucking brick wall with your face at a 100 miles per hour on a fucking bicycle, which could have easily been avoided entirely by simply tapping the brakes, unlike getting a woman pregnant which unfortunately, there are no brakes for, only propellants and accelerants to the tune of jet fuel and C4 and most rational people would opt out of plowing teeth first into cinder block. Oh sure, you can wear a condom or cum in her mouth, as long as she doesn’t poke a fuckin’ hole in that bitch or spit the contents out through a fucking Krazy Straw, directly into her own gash. She can even be on birth control, if she fuckin’ takes it. She could give you a hand job in a parking lot behind a convenience store on a warm sunny day, just make sure to cut off her fucking hand once she’s done. As far as I know there are only 3 possible ways not to get a girl pregnant in America today. A, never fucking meet her, 2, never, ever let her touch your dick and Charlie, fuck her exclusively in the ass, never allowing her grab your pecker except with the inside of her sphincter, using a condom, spermicide and flushing her out with a God damn fire hose when you’re done and finally, but most importantly get a fucking vasectomy now boy! “A Real Man always uses birth control, by shooting his fucking loads in the back of their throats and watching them fucking swallow it.”

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