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Fuck Censorship, the Media, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Reddit & the Government

Fuck Censorship, fuck the Media, fuck YouTube, fuck Twitter, fuck Google, fuck Facebook, fuck Reddit, fuck our Government, but especially fuck anyone who doesn’t agree a 1000% in our Constitution or anyone else who’s trying to silence the few logical, rational, factual voices left that they don’t fucking agree with simply because they’re being emotional, illogical or just plain fucking stupid. Well excuse the fuck outta me, ya bunch a misinformed, emotions above everything else communist fucks, have you ever fucking heard of the first amendment, you know the very 1st fucking one, what about freedom of speech, ringin’ any fuckin’ bells there Hitler?  “A Real Man never censors anyone, even mindless fucktards should be able to speak their piece.”

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Balls! Why You Can Never Be A Real Man Without Them – Rated ARM Rebellion – John D. & The Sons Of Liberty


Welcome Rebels to the – BALLS!  WHY YOU CAN NEVER BE A REAL MAN WITHOUT THEM – Edition of Rated ARM Rebellion Episode 1776-009!  Available right now at & and on iTunes under Rated ARM Rebellion.

I’m your host John D. – The ARMed Comic & America’s answer to Whoopi Goldberg, The Dixie Chicks & Saul Alinsky – Fuck Them All! – the realist fuckin’ American Real Man you’re ever gonna find.  But just remember, I’m a fucking comedian, not your God damn therapist, so if you don’t like what you hear, fuck off, I don’t care.  Don’t fucking listen.

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