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Father’s Day – For Those Of Us With Shitbag Dad’s – Happy Survivors Day!

So, father’s day I woke up with absolutely zero fucking desire whatsoever to record a God damn video, then I got online.  Happy father’s day, Happy father’s day, Happy father’s day.  Oh shit, I totally forgot!  And do you wanna know why?  Because my shoulda pulled out sooner was a worthless piece of dog shit who never put anyone or anything before himself, including his own God damn children.  Where the fuck’s that Hallmark card?  I’ll tell you were, it’s right fucking here.  Dad, go fuck yourself!  Dad, eat a dick!  Dad, I fucking hate you!  Ok, ok, maybe that’s a bit strong, especially since it requires giving a shit and if I’ve taught you anything here at Rated ARM, it’s that he who cares most, loses.  My predecessor, who’s already got one foot in the fucking grave and attemptin’ a last-ditch effort to get into heaven at the constant fucking prodding of my equally useless God damn mother doesn’t give a shit, never did and never will.  So the best way to get past something that fucking painful, in my opinion, is to either kill him, although that has some pretty shitty consequences, get a God damn DeLorean, but where the fuck are you gonna find one of those on such short notice or the most feasible of all plans,.give no fucks.  It’s actually a lot easier than movies, songs & books would have you believe and like every other part of being A Real Man, it’s gonna take some fuckin’ training.  “A Real Man always makes a man out of himself, since his useless God damn sperm donor didn’t.”

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