Rated ARM Manifesto



  1. “A Real Man always believes in God and doesn’t give 2 shits what you believe.”
  2. “A Real Man always serves his country and violently slaughters every single motherfucker who tries to harm her and uploads the video if at all possible.”
  3. “A Real Man always takes care of himself so he can also take care of everyfuckingone else.”

~ John D. – The ARMed Comic


  1. “A Real Man always believes in God, science is not a fucking God.”
  2. “A Real Man never curses God, God damn you, is not cursing God dipshit.”
  3. “A Real Man always honors God on Sunday, he needs to after what the fuck he did on Friday & Saturday.
  4. “A Real Man always respects his mother and father, if and only if they fucking deserve it.”
  5. “A Real Man never kills anyone, that doesn’t fuckin’ have it comin’.”
  6. “A Real Man never cheats on his wife, he invites her to fucking join him.”
  7. “A Real Man never steals, from the rightful fucking owner.”
  8. “A Real Man never makes things up, he makes shit happen.”
  9. “A Real Man never fucks another man’s wife, unless he’s there filming it.”
  10. “A Real Man never takes what another man has, he gets his own shit!”

~ John D. – The ARMed Comic



“A Real Man always pays close attention to everything that’s happening around him and makes swift fucking changes whenever necessary.”

“A Real Man always believes that all men are created equal and that most men just fucking waste it.”

“A Real Man always believes that no man can take away his God given rights, unless he himself wants to be taken the fuck away.”

“A Real Man always believes in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and slaughtering every single motherfucker who gets in his way.”

“A Real Man always believes that the Government is here to serve him or be taken the fuck out.”

“A Real Man always keeps track of everything the Government does and reminds them of the second fucking amendment at every possible opportunity.”

“A Real Man always believes that every man should be free or fucking dead.”

“A Real Man always believes in total independence, so get off your lazy fucking ass and take care of your shit.”

“A Real Man always asks God for his protection, but has no problem killing pieces of shit himself in case God happens to be busy at the moment.”

“A Real Man always shares his life, his fortune and his honor with all other real fuckin’ men.”

~ John D. – The ARMed Comic



  1. “A Real Man always believes in everyone’s freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and protest, but that doesn’t mean he won’t knock you the fuck out.”
  2. “A Real Man always believes in the right to bear arms and killing your bitch ass if you ever try to take that right away.”
  3. “A Real Man never allows a soldier to spend the night in his house, unless she’s hot as fuck, out of uniform and fucking him good and hard.”
  4. “A Real Man never has anything to hide in his house and even if he did, it wouldn’t be any of your God damn business anyway.”
  5. “A Real Man never breaks the law, but even if you think he did, he ain’t fuckin’ helpin’ you prove it so you better have your fuckin’ facts straight or get your asses handed to you.”
  6. “A Real Man never goes to trial, but if he does, you better make it fucking quick and he better see a room full of motherfuckers just like himself including the prick that put him there!”
  7. “A Real Man never sues anyone or gets sued by anyone, but if it does happen, whatever the fuck the jury says, stands.”
  8. “A Real Man never needs to get out of jail, but if he does, he won’t be homeless or missing a fucking eyeball when he gets out.”
  9. “A Real Man always knows his rights and his right to get more fucking rights if necessary.”
  10. “A Real Man always lives in a state with the least amount of Government meddling possible or changes that bitch to stop fucking with everyone.”

~ John D. – The ARMed Comic