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Rated ARM Dictionary

Here is where you’ll find every single word, phrase or insult we accidentally invented or repurposed during the course of a Rated ARM Rebellion show.

Cunstitutional:  Any law specifically written for the sole benefit of women.


Retardosphere:  The entirety of News, Social Media & the General Population at large. 

I Would Risk Aids For Her:  How Mark Twain feels about Taylor Swift.

Constitutional Fart Jokes:  The genre of humor most used on Rated ARM Rebellion

High Brow Topics In A Low Brow Manner:  The style in with Rated ARM Rebellion disseminates information to Low Information Voters.

Keister Carry:  Anytime anyone is carrying anything up their ass.

Hippies:  A polite and socially acceptable way of saying niggers.

Erection Sets:  

Un-fuck:  The act of fixing something that is seriously fucked.

Verbal Diarrhea:  Anytime you hear a woman who doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about.  

Verbal Ejaculation:  Anytime you hear a man who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.

Clitically Correct:  Anytime anything is said that a woman agrees with.

Free Market For Intellectual Ideas:

I’m Not Passive Aggressive, I’m Active Aggressive:

Neked:  Anytime you are naked and about to fuck or in the act of fucking or having just fucked.

Wing Dick:  

John Jane:  Any man or woman that doesn’t fucking know if they are a man or a woman.

Soap Dropping Expert:  Bufford T. Pusser.

Touchin’ Cotton:  When you have to shit so fucking bad that the shit is physically touching your underwear.

Praire Doggin’:  When you literally have shit sticking out of your anus.

Anglo American:  The term used by hyphenated whites in order to not feel left out.

Gang Rape Of Liberty:  

Well said there Hellen Keller:  What you say to anyone’s who’s ever stuttering.

Obama for NRA President:  America’s best gun salesman of all time.

Curby:  Anytime the police drop an unconscious teen who’s hands are handcuffed behind his back on his face on the curb. 

This one goes to 11:

As far as you know:  The response I got from James Madison after telling him “that’s the gayest thing you’eve ever said.”

Did you fuck a goat:  How John D. asks if someone was in ISIS

I prayed away from Mecca:  How James Madison tells you he’s never been in ISIS

Tickling the balls:  Teasing any upcoming topic on Rated ARM Rebellion

You have to fuck them till they like it:  

Hairy Arm Pit Crowds:

Mini Handcuff:

Plausible Deniability:

Were You Raped As A Child With A Bicycle:

Yutes of a darker hue:

Every mugger deserves what he Goetz:

Liberals feel and conservatives think:

The Terminals:

Some Shitbag GoatFucker:

My dollar therapists:

Starter kit:



Broomstick Sitters:

Roasted Nuts:

The Faggery That Is The Millenial: The bullshit that is this generation 

The Corner Of Up Your Ass And Go Fuck Yourself a.k.a. Fucksville USA:  Rated ARM Rebellion 

With A Bend Over On The Backside:

Had To Replace Your O-Ring:  When you shit so bad you needed reparative surgery.

Fell, Tripped, Landed On A Dildo:

I Want Them To Dump Their Feelings In My Lap, So I Can Cut Their Fucking Legs Off With Facts And Logic:

Bitchslapping The Fuck Out Of Feelings:

BrownWashed:  The exact opposite of WhiteWash which makes America’s history 1000 times worse than it ever actually was using feelings, headlines and lies instead of historically documented facts, logic and reasoning. 

The Clan Library:  Any library blacks won’t enter to fact check history.

Bang Shit Out:

Shit or Shine:    

FeelingVerse:  The only planet women and men that act like women live on.

Taintoo:  A tattoo on one’s taint.

Clitorti:  Anyone whom physically appears to be a man, but is rubbing his vagina and crying at the DNC.  

Clitorazzi:  Any professional photographer / videographer at the DNC. 

Abner Louima:  Whenever you fucked with a broomstick, voluntarily or involuntarily.

I’m an escrow account for Hillary God damnit!

Things I’ve done for God, Make some girl scream his name in vain

The Pun & The Tang

I’m just trying to get em’ in the can, that’s what Michaale Jackson said

The stupidest thing that ever came out of my mouth was this girl in college

2 Girls and a cup in reverse: Anything Hillary says

I’ve just shitcanned the next year of your life

The Gospel according to Glock

Harry Cliton:


Rusty Tromobone:

This nigger crane just rolled up and snatched his snake

C.U.N.T. – Hillary Clinton

Ball Tickler: What we’re gonna talk about later in the show


Gun Full Zones:

The Feeling Amendment: The 18th Amendment

The Feeling Party:

I Fuck people That Yell Allah Akbar In A Whole Other Way:

Fuck The Olympics:

F35:  That things a piece of shit

Mighty White:  When someone does something nice for you.

Sav-A-Ho’s:  When a busted prune fucks up your night.

WingFuck:  When your buddy fucks the ugly bitch for you.

Mark Dice Bitch:  When you trick a libtard

What Would Trump Say?

I see your pair of kings and  


Mexican Bean Burrito Diahreah:  Everything Hillary Clinton Touches

Harf:  Hack & Harf

Haint:  Southern way of saying ghost

Dr. Drew:  The Mike Rowe of Health Care

American Stupidty:  The way we protect idiots in America

I can sum up the reason why Donald Trump should be president in 2 words, Hillary Clinton.

The Mothership:  

The Scientology of Liberalism:

Jew Steaks:  When your friend BBQ’s steak, but does not invite you.


Glock Ring:


 Zika Spider:

Nut Talk With Deez Nutz: