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Political Correctness a.k.a. – Shit White People Can’t Say.

Hey America, John D. The ARMed Comic here and once again I find myself making another God damn video I don’t wanna make, on Independence day nonetheless, because unfortunately, we’re all fucking surrounded by headline fueled, factless, fucking retards that don’t know any God damn history and feel the need to trample on every God given right we’ve all ever fucking had since our fore fathers with their collective life experiences, brilliance and unanimous agreement decided to put pen to paper, feeling it absolutely fucking necessary to secure them for every single American in the future, regardless of race, color or creed with an unbendable, unbreakable set of laws, not fucking suggestions, not God damn requests, but fucking laws. No pun intended faggots. The arrogance of these blueblood elitist, charmed life, career politicians and media personalities thinking that they somehow out thought the founding fathers in-spite of not living through the hell they fucking endured is unfuckingbelievable. You fuckers haven’t had an original idea in your entire worthless fucking lives, let alone constructing the best God Damn idea the world has ever seen with the 2 most important propositions to do so at the fucking beginning of our founding documents. “A Real Man always relies on the wisdom of great men who came before him, when he’s not a fucking self-indulgent, arrogant douche.”

Once again, I have to fucking point out after spending the whole Independence Day, not the fucking fourth of July, taking it all in, Real Men, older, wiser, highly self-educated, white, successful business leaders, land owners, fathers, husbands, soldiers, statesmen, basically people who’d actually fucking accomplished something with their lives and who had everyfuckingthing to lose, sacrificed all they or their entire God damn families would ever fucking have to give future, ungrateful, braindead morons a city upon a hill, our Constitution and the First Amendment also known as freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition for all, because it was that fucking important. Although as I look around now, I’m not entirely sure it was fucking worth it. “A Real Man never takes anything for granted, especially all the hard work, blood and sacrifice of the the bad motherfuckers that gave him every blessing that he has.”

America’s Independence was won by putting our petty differences aside and telling the real enemy a.k.a tyranny, Go Fuck Yourself! American patriots, not self-centered cry babies, stood up and fought for what was right for everyone including blacks, triggered, safe space, confused, censoring, intolerant, social justice fascist, thought police, communist, micro aggressive, always fucking offended bags of shit. Was it easy, fuck no, did they lose a lot of good people, of course they did, was it worth it, I used to fucking think so, but if everyone who’s ever benefitted from it forgot about it, never learned about it in the first God damn place and aren’t fucking willing to learn about it, then we’ve already lost America, we’ve already lost all our freedoms, we’ve already lost everyfuckingthing. We are the walking fucking dead. “A Real Man always sacrifices himself for the benefit of others, unless they don’t fucking deserve it.”

We used to say God Bless America in this country, but then you factory fucking defects, got your fucking feelings hurt because some religious zealot told you that God hates fags which may very well be true, because apparently you believed them enough to make us all stop. Well I never said God hates fags, I never even asked him, because I’m not a fucking gay so I really don’t give a fuck whether he does or not, it’s not my fucking problem, but I don’t get to fucking hear God Bless America anymore and my son doesn’t either and we didn’t have fucking shit to do with any of it. But that doesn’t fucking matter to you does it? You’re not the least bit fucking concerned how your uncompromising fucking behavior and lists of fucking demands affects us all are you, just how it fucking affects you. “A Real Man always makes the best decision, for fucking everyone, not just himself.”

It’s not enough for you to live in a country where it’s not legal to fucking kill you on the streets because you don’t like putting a square peg in the round hole, you won’t be happy till every fucking movie, TV show or song stars a gay character and every single child in America thinks they’re gay or confused. And heaven forbid anyone says anything about it. All you have to do is call them homophobic and their fucking life is over and you just keep on marchin’ in your fuckin’ parades. Using your first amendments rights to silence someone else’s first amendment rights is as fucking un-American as it fucking gets and evil as hell and since you don’t know any fucking history, I’ll share this little tidbit with you. Societies have always had a history with over-correcting and although the pendulum might be on your side at the moment, you might wanna adjust your fucking intolerance well in advance from the correction, cuz its gonna be fuckin’ bad. “A Real Man always believes in live and let live, but will be happy to fucking kill you if you don’t agree.”

America used to celebrate its victories, but then you lazy, indoctrinated porch monkeys started blaming everyone alive for atrocities most of you have never fucking suffered while building this fucking country, a practice America didn’t fucking invent by the way and made everyone ashamed to be American instead of gettin’ off your collective fucking asses and making something of yourselves like let’s say everyone in the fucking NBA, every Rapper ever, ever good R&B Singer, the best Preachers, the best Comedians, the loudest Activists, most Record Producers, pimps and drug dealers and oh yeah and how about the God Damned President of the Divided Fucking States? “A Real Man always acknowledges his faults, before celebrating his fucking merits.”

Now I guess it’s entirely fucking possible that none of you sitting at home whining about all this shit have any fucking talent whatsoever, but as someone who’s appreciated way more black artist than I’ve ever appreciated white artists, I think you’re just fucking lazy and because of that I don’t get to hear people celebrate America anymore either. Once again, the lowest fucking common denominator in society has used their first amendment rights to take mine away. I know, I know, you didn’t choose to be here, your people were brought over here, waah, waah, fucking waah. I’ve heard it all before and I don’t give a shit. Cuz guess what motherfucker, I didn’t choose to be here either, but my bitch ass father ran away from the tropical paradise third world shithole known Cuba instead of staying, standing and fighting, to keep it, shot a load in my mother and here I fucking am and I used to fucking like it here, until you started fucking ruing everything for everyone, especially yourselves. Way to go asshole! “A Real Man always never blames anyone for his failures, except his fucking self.”

America used to be tough, a nation of red blooded, meat eating, beer swilling, shit talkin’ smokin’, drinkin’, fuckin’ fightin’ fun, the most feared and respected fucking place in all the world, but it wasn’t sensitive enough, it wasn’t feelings above every God damn thing else, it wasn’t a woman. Well you fuckin’ feminist cunts took care of that shit didn’t you? You filed baseless fucking sexual harassment claims because an ugly guy said hi to you one too many times, filed baseless fucking rape / assault charges on ugly men after having second thoughts about fucking them or not getting whatever the fuck it was you wanted out of them in the first fucking place, then you took their fucking kids, the house and everyfuckingthing they’ve ever fucking worked for their entire fucking lives all with the full facilitation and cooperation of the federal, state and local Government. Congratulations bitches! You win! “A Real Man never gets accused of impropriety by a woman, by always ignoring them, video recording every sexual encounter with them & never allowing them inside his house.”

There’s just 1 little problem. Now that you’ve used your first amendment rights to silence and cut America’s fucking balls off, who do you think is gonna save your selfish fucking asses from ISIS or whatever’s after ISIS when they start cutting your tits off, raping you, your children and torturing you to death on the streets of America? The Government? Oh, you mean the same Government that empowered you to destroy the backbone of everything with a penis in the first fucking place? I seriously doubt it. Now the Government must have had a reason for helping you, but what could it possibly be? The goodness of their hearts? Nah, that can’t be it. The nobility of saving the fairer sex. Nah, you killed nobility years ago. Could it be that they want you all for themselves? I’ll bet that’s it and you dumb twats have fucking giftwrapped your entire fucking species in a nice neat bow just for them! Well done! “A Real Man always believe the Government, does everyfuckingthing it does to suit its own fucking agenda.”

One of the multitude of curses of being a comedian is the inexplicable obsession of studying human behavior and patterns to a ridiculous fucking level that most people will never fucking comprehend, mostly because their too God damn busy focusing all their attention and energy on themselvesies instead of the fucking world around them. Mix in a little history fetish and the total inability to filter my own fucking thoughts on to paper or in public, the fact that most of us entirely fucking loathe political correctness, at least the greats do and what you have here is a man who has almost no faith whatsofucking ever left for the hope of this country. “A Real Man always believes in great ideas, America was a phenomenal fuckin’ idea that no one under 30 knows about.”

The only hope I see left for America at this point is God, Comedians and Political Fucking Correctness dying on the fucking vine thanks to Donald Trump kicking the fucking door in on all this PC bullshit. If Sam Kinison hadn’t struck a chord with the way people really felt about God, Jesus & the Bible, no one would have ever known his fucking name, if Richard prior hadn’t been so on point about race relations, no one would have ever known his fucking name either and if Andrew Dice Clay weren’t so fucking accurate about the shit he said about most women, he wouldn’t have sold out fucking arenas full of women while saying it, but that what comics do, they take uncomfortable topics and make them approachable so that an open fucking dialogue can actually take place. Once you take that away, step up into the boxcar and take a deep breath. “A Real Man always appreciates the words of a great comedian, it’s the last fucking place on earth to hear anything that even remotely resembles the truth.”

Donald Trump’s big mouth, like it or not has emboldened others in positions of influence and they’ve finally started speaking up a bit more than they ever have in the past, but it’s not even close to enough. America needs someone who’s got nothing to lose, no boss, Government or network to answer to, no wife or girlfriend to upset, no kids to be taken away, no social media accounts to get banned, but more importantly, America needs a bad guy and I don’t think it should have to be the guy running for President. America needs people like me, so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say that’s the bad guy ~ (Scarface). “A Real Man never minds being the scapegoat, as long as it’s for a worthy fucking cause.”

America and the Pro-God, Pro-Gun, Pro-Americans all need plausible deniability. That’s why I’m here. To say what the fuck you wish you could, while cursing if necessary, about God if necessary, about guns, about America, to say what everyone’s fucking thinking, but believes they have too much to fucking lose to do so not realizing we’re already fucked more than you can possibly understand. I’m here to do my part, while this bitch called political correctness is down on her fucking knees, I’m gonna ram my fucking cock down her fucking throat while strangling that whore to death and looking in her eyes till the lights go out. I know, sounds like a typical John D. date, but it’s the best I could come up with at the moment. “A Real Man always does everything he can to help his fellow man, even if it fucking destroys his own life in the process.”

The big difference between Kinison, Pryor, Dice and myself is this, I’ve already been in 30 plus car accidents, maybe more and have never even been scratched, so obviously I’m not supposed to die in a fucking car thank God, hopefully in some pussy, but not in a fucking car, ok, how about in some pussy, in a car, that I can live with. Secondly, I don’t do drugs, never have, never will, so most likely I won’t end up with multiple sclerosis and start having fucking heart problems either, if my heart happens to explode while in some pussy, I’m ok with that too, just like Richies dad. And last but certainly not fucking least, time is always the great teller of truth and I believe to the core of my soul that every joke I tell, according to my personal life experience, is based in truth that I will not only never apologize for, I will immediately go on the offensive to defend, knowing full well that eventually the world will realize I was right, even if it seemed like I very was wrong at the time I said it. “A Real Man never worries about his own mortality, he just hopes it’s in some good pussy.”

I’m only human doing the best I fucking can where I’m at with what I’ve got and I’m tryin’ to get through this motherfucker called life without putting a fucking gun in my mouth or anyone else’s along the way and the only way I know how to do that is through freedom of speech and comedy so lighten the fuck up and let us few motherfuckers left with our senses of humor still intact, make fun of shit so we can at least enjoy what little time we have on this bitch. By the way, I’m not asking fucking permission. I’m going to do it anyway, I was just trying to be a bit more inclusive, to make you feel like you had some kinda say in how a grown man lives his life. Well you fucking don’t bitch! That’s what the fuck you don’t fucking understand. Freedom by its very fucking definition is freedom for all, even your dumb ass. If I have to wake up every day to retarded motherfuckers screaming illogical nonsense that goes against every fucking thing this great nation was founded on, I will be the head fucking cheerleader of drowning your ignorant ass out. Make sure to get a good fucking look at my nuts when I roundhouse kick you in the taint. “A Real Man never tells anyone how to live their life and she sure as fuck won’t tolerate anyone telling him how to live his.”

As Americans, we need to come together, not grow apart. We need to work together, not fight each other. We need to include everyone and stop excluding anyone in everything. We’re all in this fucking bullshit together, as Americans, not hyphenated fucking Americans, not black, not white, not brown, not LGBTQRSTUVWXY&Z. You wanna keep the fucking hyphens, the RGB codes, the acronyms, then pack your shit for the shithole you admire so much or start your own colony anyfuckingwhereelse. You won’t be fucking missed. Do you or do you not, love the idea of America? If the answer is no. Get the Fuck out! Do you or do you not, want to be a part of the idea of America? If the answer is no. Get the Fuck out! Do you or do you not, want to destroy America? If the answer is yes, we’ll be glad to escort you the fuck out! Dead or alive, you’re choice. “A Real Man always brings people together, or vaporizes the motherfuckers that tear us apart.”

Real fucking heroes and never once, whiney little bitches have died to ensure all Americans have the ability to have our own opinions, to say what we want to say & follow our own religions, but any time those rights that have been secured for us in contracts written in blood of American soldiers veer of course and are in direct opposition to anything and everything America was founded upon, they need a new fucking home and that home can never be America. The worlds a big fuckin’ place, so gather up your like-minded retards and go anywhere else. Who knows, maybe one day you can rise up overthrow us, tear up the Constitution and make all of us think the same way the few of you do, like Obama and Hillary, but I doubt it. Most people who quit the winning team, usually come back on their knees after they realize what they left behind, but if it were up to me, you wouldn’t be coming back, because if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, so fuck you forever. “A Real Man always believes in forgiveness, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, what am I a bitch?”

Hey New Yorkers, stop trying to make yourselves feel special just because your from New York. Nobody and I mean nobody gives a shit. Seriously, you have no fucking idea how dumb it sounds when you make a fucking announcement like that. Now I don’t wanna judge, but I’m guessing if you had made it there, you’d still fucking be there and I wouldn’t have to have you here and constantly fucking hear about you being from there, but you didn’t, so you obviously suck and now you’re here sucking in my personal space, so fucking get over it already. Being from any particular state in America doesn’t make you fucking special, especially since you had absolutely fucking nothing to fucking do with it, in fact the only fucking place that does make you special is being God damn lucky enough to be born in America or live in this last salvation of hope for the entire fucking planet in the first fucking place, so let’s rip that NewYorRican car window decal of your lowered shitbox, put on a red, white and blue America jersey instead, and start cheering for this motherfucker or get the fuck out! I hear there’s plenty of room for you back in PR a.k.a. as America’s toilet bowl. “A Real Man always apprecites where he’s from, but he doen’t need to tell everyone every God damn minute of the fuckig day.”

Now America isn’t fucking perfect either and I’ll be the first to admit it, but neither is anywhere fucking else and by all accounts America is still way fucking better than everywhere else. You’re just a fuckin’ cry baby, who’d rather sit on the sidelines watching Gods greatest gift to mankind go down in fucking flames instead of lacin’ up a pair of boots, gettin’ on the battlefield and helping us fix this motherfucker before it’s too fucking late, because somehow you’ve managed to convince yourself that your God damned babysitter in chief gives a crap about you and when you finally fucking discover that he actually doesn’t and never fucking did, you’ll still be comforted by the hope that he’ll kill you last. What the fuck is wrong with you? America is a society and societies have rules that have been collaborated on, set by and accepted by the society and not mandated by dictators always eventually cause anarchy. “A Real Man always appreciates what he has, especially when its fucking America.”

If you want to be an American and I can only assume that you do because you’re fucking here, then fucking act like one. Assimilate, don’t retaliate. Not everyone’s popular. I’m a really nice guy in real life and everyone still thinks I’m an asshole, but I don’t know anyone that fucking hates me, but then again I’m not going out of my way to draw any fucking attention to myself, by being fucking obnoxious, stealing from people or terrorizing anyone either. Demanding to be a cat in a dog fight is fucking suicide. Why not just hang out with other cats and leave the fucking dogs alone? You will never fucking catch me at a Clan or Black Lives Matter rally attempting to reason with either fucking side, but that doesn’t mean I want their fucking tongues cut out their mouths, unless of course they are physically harming or terrorizing an innocent people, then by all means, give me a clean shot. “A Real Man always becomes the change he wants to see in the world, he doesn’t try to fucking force the world to be what he wants it to be.”

Do you really think tearing down and tearing apart everything White and American will make you feel any better? Do you really think making all the founding fathers racist, slave owning, raping, beating and killing murderous thugs, who also bothered to take a minute out of their daily rape, torture, murder schedules to also throw away their entire fucking lives and fortunes ensuring better lives for everyone will make you feel any better? Do you think taking down monuments, burning flags, and erasing history will make you feel any better? Of course you don’t because you’re not thinking. You whining, your complaining, your threatening. Seems like an awful fucking waste of time to me. Do you really think hating Elvis & Eminem because they still make more money making black music than blacks ever did or because Public Enemy told you to is going to make you feel any better? Why don’t you stop fucking around and just get to work on fixing the problems in some sort of positive, productive, inspirational way. “A Real Man always builds things, but never by fucking destroying everything.”

Do you ever hear any white people whining and complaining about not dominating the NBA, the NFL or losing physical access to all the big white girls of the world, no! You know why? Because whites are typically ok with losing competitions to better opponents. What they don’t like is having to step aside and give a win to someone based on the color of their skin. They don’t fuckin’ like it any more than you do and we can all clearly see how pissed off you are. America was founded on and only expanded so fucking quickly because of free markets a.k.a. known as capitalism a.k.a. competition and contests are never won by those sitting around whining about how bad they have it. They’re only won by people who work their fucking asses off and continue to do so in order to stay ahead of the competition. “A Real man always welcomes a little competition, to keep him up on his fucking game.”

I know it’s hard, I get it, I’m down at the moment too, but winners always find a fucking way. If it were easy everyone would do it. If it were white privilege, every white person would be successful, but they’re clearly not. Go to any Wal-Mart and look around for yourself. Life’s a fuckin’ bitch! Sometimes you’re up, sometimes your down and I got one more piece of news you’re really gonna fucking hate. You do know that there’s way more white people in America than there are black people right, well there’s also way more poor white people than poor black people, but you are never, ever, ever gonna hear that from your race baiting fearless fucking leaders, the media or any one of your lazy ass friends or relatives because it doesn’t fit their fucking agenda to keep you ignorant, poor and angry just so they can keep getting your fucking votes. “A Real Man always believes what he’s told by the media, politicians and lazy ass friends, when he’s a fucking idiot.”

The state run media in America thrives on 1 thing and 1 fucking thing only and that one thing is chaos. If it bleeds, it leads. They aren’t your friends, they are not trying to help you, they have one goal and only one goal in mind and that goal is to fucking piss us off, agitate us, divide and concur us whole, because they can’t do it alone. Think about this logically for 1 minute will you? The media makes its money on advertising, advertising prices are determined by ratings, ratings are determined by the viewers, the viewers are acquired through different groups, the groups are determined by conflicts, the conflicts are determined by the narratives & the narratives are determined by the government & the media a.k.a. the state run media to be precise. What I’m trying to tell you if your following along is this. Why wait for news when you can just make shit up, why check facts when you can just run with a story, why tell the truth when you can just fucking lie? “A Real Man always thinks for himself, by never fucking listening to the state run hate monger machine.”

The more divided we are, the more we fight, the more we fight, the more change we need, the more change is made, the more we need the Government, the more we need the Government, the less they need us, the less they need us, the more incredibly fucked we all become. Look the fuck around! Most people don’t really fucking hate each other in America. Most people just want to be left the fuck alone. You don’t see white people burning african / gay / feminists flags in the street. You don’t see white people torching fuckin’ police cars, killin’ cops, gays & feminists, but you also don’t see the state run media broadcastin’ how bad whitey has it every minute of every fucking day on every available God damned network. And don’t think for a second, we don’t have fucking problems of our own, we just don’t sit around cryin’ about them 24 hours a fuckin’ day. That’s never gonna solve shit. We take action or shut the fuck up about it! “A Real Man always does his best to unite people, I’d suggest you do the fucking same.”

Now let me tell you what else you don’t see, but I hope to God you figure out before it’s too late. I didn’t even own a gun until 4 years ago so I really didn’t know anything about them, the kind of people that owned them or how much it fucking meant to them. Sure, I’d been to a few gun shows over the years, looked around, picked some up, but it just seemed like a big redneck flea market to me, especially since I didn’t know what the fuck I was looking at, but as I got further along in my regular range practice, indoor and out, gun knowledge, via, online, through books & videos, talking to other gun owners, and then eventually working my way up to the second amendment and all that it means to America and how they really are one in the same, I started to realize something “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Not a handgun held sideways to threaten someone online, not a cheap, piece of shit, broken pistol with 6 rounds in it, some of which are usually the wrong caliber for the gun, not a stolen malfunctioning doorstop. No, no, no. What I learned was entirely fucking different. “A Real Man never assumes he knows everything, and really does his fucking homework before attacking.”

In my limited 4 years of gun life, it occurs to me that gun people take this whole fucking gun thing pretty God damn seriously and with the current state of the union, I can’t says I blame em’. Most gun people, like myself also know their history and the undeniable litany of reasons to own as many guns and as much ammo as one can possibly afford. Now I’ve been to at least 10 gun shows, 10 gun stores and shooting at least 30 times typically firing about 300 rounds each time and I’ve only personally seen 2 black people in 4 years of doing this and one of them was my guest and he couldn’t shoot for shit either. Every single fucking time I go, there are always way more people, way more weapons per person and way more ammo per person. Way fucking more. Every single fucking time I go, the shows get bigger, the stores expand, they have more weapons, they have more ammo and the lines keep getting longer and longer and longer. “A Real Man always understands the odds, and comes up with a better fucking plan.”

I also want you to remember what happened the week of the RNC. Mass deaths, terrorism and chaos was threatened and predicted non-stop for months, right up until 10,000 bikers, vets and open carry gunners announced they were showing up to protect the cops, the patrons and squash that bullshit. Not a peep fucking was heard. These same people made no threats, they just promised to not allow anything bad to happen to good people and these are the exact same fucking people you are terrorizing and pushing to the point of no fucking return by killing cops, burning down neighborhoods, rioting in the streets and threatening whitey, their families, their babies and demanding reparations from. You are mistaking kindness for weakness and I’m telling you, you’re making a huge fucking mistake. These people not only outnumber you 5 to 1, but they’re also armed to the fucking teeth, with expensive, quality, fully functioning rifles and are highly trained and disciplined on their use and accuracy and are just chomping at the fucking bit, waiting for that fucking moment that the arcade opens up. You’re pissed off, because you’re not happy. I get it. Nobody’s fucking happy right now except all the assholes feeding us all these fucking lies about why we should hate each other. “A Real Man always knows who the real enemy is, and focuses all his fucking attention on those motherfuckers.”

You don’t want a race war and your messiah, Obama, can’t and won’t be able to save you if you start one. Trust me, it will not fuckin’ end well, not for you, not for anyone, but especially not for you. In fact, after all the shit these guys have had to stand by and endure on their TV sets every night for a few decades now, they might just decide to wipe you off the face of the fucking map entirely forever so they or their children don’t ever have to do this shit again anytime soon. Really pissed off, long time, amazingly fucking restrained patient, law abiding citizens who’ve been stockpiling guns and ammo for decades, once the system falls apart, as soon as the repercussions for breaking the laws suddenly become irrelevant, because there’s no fucking future left for them or their children anyway, as soon as that fucking happens, it’s gonna be like a God damn shooting gallery out there and the real slave masters that gave you all the reasons to hate people who’ve never done a fucking thing to you, won’t have your fucking backs and may not even be alive themselves. “A Real Man never starts a war he can’t win, so pull you fucking heads out of your asses.”

This is not a threat, this is a warning. I fucking hope to God it doesn’t happen. I hope cooler heads prevail. I hope God himself comes down here and starts smiten’ & bitchslappin’ motherfuckers, before we get there, but until then, I’ll be right fucking here dry anal raping political correctness, to keep open, the door that Donald Trump kicked the fuck open, and continue the dialogue between us while trying to make the shit as funny as fucking possible in spite of how fucking pissed off I really am. You may go to bed every single night prayin’ for a bigger house, more money, nicer clothes, bitches, etc.., but the people I’m warning you about spend all their fucking money on guns and ammo and they go to bed every night chanting, perhaps even jerkin’ off with one hand while spoonin’ there 3500 dollar scoped out, railed out, opticed out, AR-15, rocket launchers with the other while chanting, NRA, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, SonOfLiberty, OathKeeper, III%, 2A, 1A, Veteran, 1776, Don’t Tread On Me, & Revolution! in their fucking sleep and they have been preparing themselves for the day I am describing for many fucking years. Once again, you don’t believe me, this is just another Rated ARM history lesson. I could be wrong. In case I’m not, sayonara motherfuckers! “A Real Man always focuses on what’s important, like staying fucking alive.”

Pussies with too many God damn fucking feelings want to feel better about themselves by silencing everyone with an opposing fucking viewpoint. Well I hate to fuckin’ break it to you, but the feelings you have about yourself don’t come from other people and if they do, you’re already fucked for life, so just fucking kill yourself already and make way for rational, sane people of the world. Real racists with fucking decks of labels always in their fucking hands always at the ready want to silence everyone who’s resembles someone who might have possibly, maybe done something to someone in their pansy ass bloodlines from saying or doing anything so that might possibly bother them giving the political party facilitating their ability to do so everything they need to own your stupid fucking asses even more than they already do. That is the very fucking definition of racism. Wake the fuck up already before it too late for all of us! Yes, including you. You can’t fucking get more rights by taking more away, you can’t fucking help the poor, by stealing from the rich and you can’t fucking fix anything by silencing anyone. I swear to God, I am not making this shit up! Go to a fucking library for Christs sake. “A Real Man never intends to hurt anyone’s feeling, unless you’re a fucking moron who’s going to get us all killed.”

We live in a world where God damn children who haven’t accomplished a fucking thing except stack up useless fucking degrees they can wipe their bleeding assholes with, because they repeatedly choose irrelevant curriculums, who’ve never done a fucking thing for this country or anyone else for that matter get a say in politics that affect all of us. Or my favorite women children whom even after they burned through thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars of someone else’s money to get a fucking education, then immediately throw it all in the fucking dumpster the second they get pregnant, which seems to have been their top fucking priority in the first fucking place. Why didn’t you just fucking skip all the unnecessary studying and debt and just leapfrog the biological clock deadline and start poppin’ kids out at 14, so you could get your indecisive asses back in the bars, after your first divorce by your mid-thirties before everything on you started falling apart and start sucking cock after cock until you find some spineless, mid-life douche who can spend the rest of his fucking life and all of his fortune trying to make you fucking happy which you already knew was fucking impossible before you ever met him? “A Real Man always listens to the children, to remind himself that they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.”

But let’s not leave out most minorities that have been indoctrinated since fucking birth to hate everyone who’s a different shade of brown in spite of the fact that most likely and statistically, nothing bad really has personally ever fucking happened to most of them to warrant such vitriol and let’s not also leave out the freaks of fucking nature, who hate relatively normal people by what used to be known as some kind of societal standards. Wouldn’t wanna offend anyone by not including them, even if the truth does equal fucking hate speech to your moronic ass. I’m talking to you LGBT and now fucking Q too. You wanna lick clit, suck cock, take a dick in the ass, go tribbing, put on a strap on and fuck your lover in every hole conceivable, no matter what sex they are, no matter what sex you are and be so God damn confused with yourself that you can actually looked down at your own junk and not be able to fucking figure out what you’re supposed to fucking do with it, fine, but that doesn’t fucking make you special, a protected fucking species or anything at fucking all to be admired. Fuck you just like everyone else. “A Real Man never gives preferential treatment, not to niggers, cocksuckers, pussy lickers or just plain confused motherfuckers.”

You want equal rights fine, but A Real Man doesn’t give a shit about you or anyone else based on any other fucking variable than your contribution to all of mankind, not just your fucking clique. What have you done to help bring us all together and move us all forward, not apart and not backwards you fucking selfish assholes. And if your idea of contribution is getting an education and not doing shit with it, squeezing out children you have no fucking intention of raising, hating people because they don’t fucking look like you or fucking everyone around you in every imaginable way, male / female / animal / child / well than you’re just a sick fuck who fucking sucks at being a human, because none of that bullshit is special. Please kill yourself and get the fuck out of the way for those of us that are actually trying to make the world a better place for those of us who fucking deserve it, by the merits of our life’s collective actions to help others. “A Real Man never turns away a helping hand, helping, not taking fuckers.”

As someone who’s always worked his fucking ass off since begging for and getting a work permit at 14 so I could mop by hand an entire fucking grocery store till 3am, 5 nights a week, volunteered to serve my country during the kickoff of the Gulf War, because I chose to alter the course of my shitty life and needed someone to straighten me the fuck out and I couldn’t do it alone or come up with 1 good fucking reason to go to college, taken care of a spouse who wouldn’t fucking take care of herself, raised a child who couldn’t take care of himself, read thousands of books written by the greatest minds the world has ever seen on biographies, auto biographies, world history, world religion & world politics, started and ran 2 successful businesses and now someone willing to throw it all fucking away so that hopefully there is something that resembles the America that I grew up in left for my son, his children and their children, I respectfully say Go fuck yourself, you un-special fuck. “A Real Man always appreciates special people, retards need some God damn love to.”

Was my life perfect? Fuck no! I got beat up every day for showing up white, then I got ridiculed every day for being small, then I got ignored by everyone every day because I was ugly. Was that fun? Yeah, when I wasn’t takin’ a fuckin’ beatin’, being tormented, or totally left in the desert all by myself, it was pretty fuckin’ good, but only because I never fucking quit working on it. Was it easy? Fuck No! In spite of the fact that I do appear white, no one has ever cut me a white fucking privilege break in my entire fucking life, probably because I’m small, thin & ugly, or can’t keep my fucking mouth shut. In spite of the fact that I appear frail, I feel like a God damn Lion on the inside and I’m actually pretty strong for my size and always have been and in spite of the fact that I’m not fun to look at, I’ve still fucked a shitload of pretty attractive girls and women. So when you want me to feel bad for you, be careful with your feelings, watch what I say or walk on eggshells around you just because of the fact that you’re a child, a woman, have darker skin or you’re a freak of fucking nature, I once again respectfully say go fuck yourself! “A Real Man never focuses on his weaknesses, all the assholes around you have got that shit covered.”

This fucking obsession with youth in this country has got to fucking stop. You are not fucking special because you were born, you’re not fucking special because you’re young and you’re certainly not fucking special because you have a God damn opinion. In fact, you’re not even fucking relevant, you’ve never been more fucking irrelevant, because you’re the most fucking irrelevant selfie / video game generation waste of matter that has ever fucking existed in the history of mankind and once this country slips into the hell its headed towards, your glaring irrelevance, due to your utter lack of utility will immediately earn you a double tap to the base of fuckin’ skull by someone like me, someone who’s actually fucking done something with their life and lost everything anyway and doesn’t quite feel like carryin’ your sorry fucking ass 1 step further. “A Real Man always appreciates youth, you’re only as old at the bitch you’re feelin’.”

This fucking obsession with minorities in this country has got to fucking stop. You are not fucking special because some fucked up shit might have maybe, possibly happened to some of your ancestors, you’re not fucking special because you’re a different fucking hue and you’re certainly not fucking special just because you’re outnumbered. Who gives a fuck? I don’t think there’s a person alive whose ancestors haven’t suffered in some kind of fucking way, but you know what, I didn’t fucking do it, so I don’t give a fuck about it and I’m certainly not fucking apologizing for shit I haven’t fucking done, I’m not fucking paying for it and my son isn’t either. Go Fuck yourself, fuck your reparations and get a God damn job and get to fucking work like the rest of us, you lazy motherfuckers! Even if my own immigrant father whose never hurt a fucking fly that I’m aware of, had owned, raped and beaten slaves to death, which he fucking didn’t, it wouldn’t be my fucking fault, so cut the fucking shit already. “A Real Man always accepts his responsibilities so stop fucking blaming me for shit I didn’t fucking do.”

This fucking obsession with women in this country has got to fucking stop. You are not fucking special because you have a set of tits & an ass. You’re not fucking special because you have a pussy, bleed, have a horrible fucking attitude 5 days a month, are prettier, smaller, more delicate or my fucking favorite, because you have more God damn feelings. None of that horseshit does a special person make. Don’t get me wrong, no one, but no one appreciates a great set of tits, an apple bottom ass & a sweet, warm, juicy, pussy more than I, however comma, evil, soulless, whores have them too and I would fucking know, therefore not fucking special. “A Real Man always gives credit where credit is do, so fucking do something to earn it bitch.”

As a Real Man that believes in some kind of God, I also believe he gave you a biological clock for a fucking reason and it wasn’t to set an armored fucking truck worth of cash on fire. You wanna be special, be nice, be sweet, do kind things, help people, be a good sister, girlfriend, wife & mother, not a bossy, loud mouthed, materialistic, drama queen, princess, ball busting, cunt. Whether you fucking believe it or not and it really fucking appears that most of you fucking don’t, your only God damn reason for existence is to help and calm men like me the fuck down and make us better humans, so we can get shit done without killing each other, not to fucking boss us around, constantly fucking lie to us, because you’re incapable of telling the fucking truth, steal our money, our children and ruin our fucking lives. “A Real Man never judges all women on the actions of a few, but most of you bitches act the fucking same.”

All women have the power to make us all better people, but most of you just choose not to. Sometimes hard, fucked up shit has to be done for all of our sakes and most women just aren’t fucking wired to do it, well not wired to do the right, logical thing. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of women do plenty of fucked up illogical shit. And before all you fucking feminists cunts lose your fucking minds and your heads explode, which I pray to God they do on national fucking TV, I have yet to meet a happy feminist, so go fuck yourself too you miserable fucking cunts! “A Real Man never impedes a woman’s progress, don’t stop baby, that shit feels good.”

This fucking obsession with freaks of fucking nature, i.e., Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Animal, Children fucking, defects has got to fucking stop. Wanting to fuck whomever and whatever you want makes you no more fucking special than a serial killer picking out his next fucking victim. You both have brain damage that no one can fix, you’re not fucking normal and you shouldn’t expect to be seen as any more normal than let’s say Ted Bundy. Do I want you dead? No! Do I want you exiled? No! Do I want you to be able to adopt children? Fuck No! Maybe it’s just me, but as a father, who’s actually raised a child in this upside down fucking world, the last thing a young fragile mind needs is more God damn confusion. Fuck each other to death for all I give a shit, just leave the children and animals out of it. Why am I bringing up animals? Simple, once you run out of new and exciting ways to fuck human adults, there’s nowhere left to go but down. Don’t fucking do it! “A Real Man never denies anyone’s rights, he just limits them to fucking sanity.”

This fucking obsession with anything other than Americans has got to stop, we are all one or we are all fucking done, it’s that fucking simple. Americans, real Americans are ready to die for America and what it stands for and always have been, not what the piece of shit who currently has the reigns stand for (ISIS), not what the state run media stands for (anarchy), but what American fucking history stands for (freedom), the blueprint it has provided (capitalism), and the record that totally fucking speaks for itself (shining city upon a hill). Are you ready to die for what you believe in you social justice, pansy assed, safe space, politically correct, censorshiping, tyrannical, fascist, intolerant, always fucking offended, communist, micro-aggressive, triggered, shit for brains? I’ll bet fucking not, but let’s find out, by all means! “A Real Man never name calls, unless its fucking true.”

The first amendment is under attack, the second amendment is under attack, Christianity is under attack, every God damn fucking thing about America, the best place in the fucking world to be, past, present and future is under fucking attack and you’re so fucking stupid, that you actually believe that your so called white, armed, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, perverted, pornographic, pedophile, rapist labels you hurl on anyone with opposing views to keep them silent are gonna come running to help your weak bitch ass when ISIS or our own fucking Government comes to slaughter your moronic asses. Not fucking likely. “A Real Man always helps those in need, unless they caused the fucking problem to begin with.”

Let’s pretend just for a minute, America was, is or will be all of those labels someday soon, if that’s really the case, then why the fuck are you still here, why do you stay, why don’t you just pack your shit and let us white, armed, racist, privileged, evil, fucking pricks destroy each other? Just go somewhere better, where you don’t have to fucking wake up oppressed every day of your pathetic whiney shitty existence. Too bad you don’t know fuck about history, because if you really knew what real oppression was, you’d shut your fucking hole out of God damn embarrassment. As an enlightened child of the future who’s never been told no, I’m sure the fucking idiot that raised you will gladly buy you a ticket to anywhere else, but where? Where can you go and be free to run your know nothing fucking trap as you are in America? Where? I wanna know. Don’t click away, you need to watch this. If I have to be ok with all the shit spewing out of your sewer trap, no matter how God damn dumb it is, in spite of the fact that none of it is based on any actual history, life experience or wisdom, then you should be ok with what I have to say, since mine fucking is. “A Real Man always speaks from experience, if you don’t have any, shut the fuck up.”

Every country that has ever fucking engaged in political correctness, followed that little number up with oppression and followed that up again by total fucking silence, but as I always say, don’t fucking believe me, these are not just my random thoughts, in fact, they’re not my fucking thoughts at all, they are historical record and can be fucking verified. You might wanna look that shit up before you burn all the history books, start censoring the internet or kill off all the old people who were physically there. Just a thought. I recently after spending many, many years of entertaining young, spirited, intellectuals learnin’ me on the ways of the world, started asking them one simple question that I’d like to share with you in case it comes in handy. About 30 seconds into their socialist, communist manifesto, diatribes, I just say “hey a, just curious are you a big fan of history, like are you a history buff like me, I’m just wondering?” and when they say no, not really, which they all inevitably do, I immediately and very loudly exclaim “well then you need to shut the fuck up, because you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, we’ve fucking been here before and it wasn’t that much fucking fun the first time and idiots like you are going to get us all fucking killed starting with you.” “A Real Man always tries to help, teach your fucking uninformed ass some necessary shit.”

Ya see, young people don’t like old people and their pretty God damn vocal about it. They think old people are dumb, outdated and have no use in society, although I never did. Strange thing is, these exact same old people, are the ones paying for every single fucking thing, these young elitist assholes have, cars, clothing, groceries, rent, phones, trips, you fucking name it. It wasn’t much of a problem when I was a kid, because in spite of the fact that my parents were fucking worthless, I did pick up the whole respect your elders thing, even if only by my friend’s parents or school teachers and later on in the military. We also didn’t have any money as I was growing up, because my father fucking spent it all in bars, so I mostly went to the school of hard knocks as opposed to the school of white privilege as my skin color or your useless, illogical head would have you believe. “A Real Man always gets a good education, by any fucking means necessary.”

I am sick and fucking tired of paying for crimes I never fucking committed and watching, listening and reading about bitches crying over injustices they’ve never once had to personally fucking face. Take the Divider in Chief for instance, this race baiting, Constitution ignoring, shitbag and his no class, pathetic excuse for a first lady, wife have set race relations in America back 50 fucking years, yet evil whitey must die. Evil whitey made him fucking President motherfucker. Ohh and by the way, in case you missed it, it’s your fucking turn. I’ve been listening to you and your ilk talk shit about George Bush for 16 fucking years now in spite of the fact that he stopped being President 7 God damn years & 2 terms without media fucking worship ago, so if you get to talk shit, so do I. See how this shit works? It’s called cause and effect bitches! “A Real Man never starts an argument, but if you start talkin’ shit, I’m gonna fucking bury your dumb ass in it.”

Now how did I know if I made a video called shit white people can’t say, an Obomination follower would watch it and start crying about it? Simple. Sterotypes. They exist because for the most part they’re 100% fucking accurate. Saying they’re not and stomping your God damn feet around doesn’t change shit. As I’ve said a million times already, there’s only 2 things wrong with the world, Women and Men that act like Women and A Real Man would never fucking vote for Obama. I know I fucking didn’t. “A Real Man always votes with his heart, and something told me that that anti-american, race baiting, Islamic terrorist, cocksucker didn’t fucking have one.”

The same fucking assholes that want to destroy the Constitution, take away my freedom of speech and the guns that protect my freedom of speech and everything else about my American life are the same sons a bitches who grew up privileged or oppressed, same shit intellectually, then were issued good grades or a settled on a shitty job, meaning neither one of them ever worked very hard for either, followed by inheriting and advancing in an unwarranted career or stagnating as an underachieving employee forever. The common denominator between the privileged and the oppressed is the fact that neither one of them are willing to fucking work for what they want. They’d both rather just steal shit from hard workers like you and me. If they can’t get what they think you have, then they’ll just fucking take it, but it’s much easier to rip off someone who can’t say anything about it out of fear of being labeled. “A Real Man always loves America, even if the useless fucks running it into the ground hate it and want it destroyed.”

That right there is one reason I love America so much. I was neither privileged nor oppressed, I was right in the fucking middle or just a notch above oppressed like everyone fucking else. I didn’t have any business magnates who could hand me a job when I finished school, because we didn’t fucking know any and I never fucking finished school. I didn’t deal drugs cuz it was the only way out of da hood. Bus tickets are way fucking cheaper than a 1-day supply of fucking anything so cut the shit already. You were a fucking drug dealer because you fucking wanted to be a drug dealer. Period. Believe me, I had plenty of fucking opportunities to be a drug dealer in my life, I just fucking chose not to. Do I regret it? Fuck yeah! Stupid, hot whores love free drugs and when you look like me, you gotta do whatever you can, but I fucking didn’t, God damnit! “A Real Man always says what needs to be said, and it’s my first amendment right to not give a fuck whether you like it or not.”

This is John D. The ARMed Comic and Political Correctness is a fucking disease that needs to be eradicated immediately if not sooner. If you feel the same, please like, comment, share and blast everyone you fucking know that’s trying to silence you because they don’t think the same way you do. Guns Up Rebels!