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You Might Not Be A Real Man – ACT!

“If you don’t fucking act like A Real Man, You Might Not Be A Real Man.” But what does A Real Man act like John D.? Watch all the rest of my God damn videos so I don’t have to fucking explain every single detail to you, but for the sake of this filming, I’ll give you the highlight reel, cuz I’m here to help and all. Just do the total fucking opposite of everything most woman do, not a strong, independent, dude with tits, that wishes she was born with a nutsack, but your average weak, needy, lady that enjoys wearing dresses. Be the inverse of her in every fucking way shape and form. I more than anyone else you’ll ever find, fucking hate having to go straight to women when talking about how to be A Real Man, but you’ve been so God damn manipulated, indoctrinated & pre-programmed that everything starts and ends with them your entire fucking life, that I gotta do whatever I can to Help ween you off all that fucking nonsense. “If you aren’t a tough as nails, lone wolf that’s literally dressed to fucking kill, You Might Not Be A Real Man.”

Stay tuned for my up and coming EDC video if you don’t know what the fuck I’m talkin’ bout, bitch!

Most women aren’t the ufc, ninja, badasses that every Movie, TV show & Music video put out in the last 30 God damn years would have you believe. They can’t fight, would never consider killing a stranger even if their own lives fucking depended on it and can’t take a God damn punch. You on the other hand, should be well versed in whippin’ a motherfuckers ass, have no problem whatsoever endin’ these cockweasles when the situation calls for it and stay in the God damn ring until the other prick is fucking dead or wishes he was. “If you can’t break a fucking nose, put someone 6 feet under or have a glass fucking jaw, You Might Not Be A Real Man.”

Most women aren’t the High Level, CEO, bread winners that magazines, Feminist Blogs and Pant Suit retailers would have you believe they are, because they don’t fuckin’ wanna be. They don’t enjoy getting up early & going to work, can’t make and fucking stick with the hard decisions and would rather buy purses, shoes & wine than re-invest their hard-earned pittance into stock shares to grow their portfolios. You being a man and all, don’t have a fucking choice in the eyes of all of society or what’s left of it, so get your fucking ass outta bed, start firin’ motherfuckers and grow that bitch 10% year over year or start lookin’ for a new fuckin’ job. No crying either faggot! “If you won’t get your ass outta fuckin’ bed, lead by example & slave your fuckin’ nuts off day in day out, You Might Not Be A Real Man.”

Most women, aren’t the OCD clean freak, 5 star chef, call girl sluts, Home & Garden, Hells Kitchen & Sex In the City would have you believe they are, because they’re fucking lazy. They don’t feel compelled to race home, straighten up the place, prepare a feast fit for a fucking king and suck and fuck your brains out every night. They do however expect that you wake up before them, work your dick off, stop by the store on the way home in spite of the fact that they themselves were in the God damn store 3 times already today, bust through the threshold eager to knock out the honey do list and let them rest at fuck 30 because they had a rough day, gossiping with the girls, watching the kids play God damn video games or heaven forbid floating around the office appearing busy counting the minutes between each compliment on the new hair style, outfit or lipstick shade. As A Real Man, your shit should always be neat and orderly, because you shouldn’t have that much stuff to begin with, you should already know how to BBQ, because that’s what the fuck you do with wild game and getting a BJ or reverse cowgirl should be no more difficult than allowing her to spend 1 more fucking night in your house. “If you haven’t gotten your shit together, learned how to torch a brisket or get the pussy whenever you want it, You Might Not Be A Real Man.”

And last but not least. Most women have no goals whatsofuckingever, other than getting some worthless degree someone else paid for, acquiring a fun job that has nothing at all to do with the education they just shitcanned at an attention / compliment / target rich man environment, throwing their Lewinksy and the A.A. in the fucking dumpster the second they find some chump dumb enough to take care of them, getting married and poppin’ out enough kids to fill the empty fucking void that no amount of pets, real estate or new car smell will ever be able to satisfy. If only they had put an ounce of fucking thought into searching for A Real Man, staying joined in holy matrimony & raising children, their lives might have turned out like the Disney Princess Horseshit they’ve always dreamed of instead of the man hating, divorced at 40, grandma with 4 adults living in her basement nightmare she created. As A Real Man, it’s your God damn duty be the Real Man every woman wants at all fucking times, never getting married until you’ve fully completed your Real Man mission, no matter how long it fucking takes and no matter how many baby makers pop in and out of your life along the way and then to teach your son to do the exact fucking same. “If you don’t fucking act like A Real Man in every single area of your life at all fucking times, under any and all God damn circumstances, You Might Not Be A Real Man.”

This is John D. The ARMed Comic and “If you fucking disagree with anything I said in this video, you might not be A Real Man.” If you feel the same, at least have the balls to like, comment, share and blast everyone you fucking know!

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