As soon as John D. gets himself in a shitstorm with Hollywood, The Mainstream Media & Obama’s Man Hating Shadow Government & anyone else who just can’t fucking stand history, facts and fucking logic, you can bet your sweet ass we’ll put all that shit right fucking right here to rub it in their stupid God damn faces and for you to forward to anyone that might fucking hate it too, because they’re fucking retarded as well.  With any luck, they’ll commit fucking suicide.  

Stay tuned Rebels, I have more shit to start than you can possibly fucking imagine!  Hollyweird, Shitstain Media & #NiggaFromNowhere, I’m talkin’ to you motherfuckers!

Guns Up, Rebels!

While you’re waiting for all that shit to happen, please check out, like follow, share & comment all Rated ARM Shit to all these Patriots!

Rated ARM Rebellion!

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