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Fuck Censorship, the Media, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Reddit & the Government

Fuck Censorship, fuck the Media, fuck YouTube, fuck Twitter, fuck Google, fuck Facebook, fuck Reddit, fuck our Government, but especially fuck anyone who doesn’t agree a 1000% in our Constitution or anyone else who’s trying to silence the few logical, rational, factual voices left that they don’t fucking agree with simply because they’re being emotional, illogical or just plain fucking stupid. Well excuse the fuck outta me, ya bunch a misinformed, emotions above everything else communist fucks, have you ever fucking heard of the first amendment, you know the very 1st fucking one, what about freedom of speech, ringin’ any fuckin’ bells there Hitler?  “A Real Man never censors anyone, even mindless fucktards should be able to speak their piece.”

Hey Folks, John D. The ARMed Comic here and I totally understand it’s their companies and they can do whatever the fuck they want with them.  I also understand this is still America, at least it is for a couple more months, which means some right wing, gun totin’, flag-wavin’, whiskey drinkin’, shit talkin’ capitalist pig genius, nut job, like myself is eventually gonna get so sick and fuckin’ tired of all this fuckin’ bullshit that he starts his own social media platform, which won’t be politically correct, liberal vomit and won’t be fucking censoring differences of opinion, but will gladly be fucking bury your ignorant, criminal, libtarded, asses day in / day out with historical, documented fucking facts instead of bleeding heart dump trucks full of God damn feelings until you’ve all been boycotted, ridiculed incessantly and deemed completely irrelevant by your own customer base.  Think Target & Transgender bathrooms motherfuckers.  “A Real Man always appreciates it when you open your mouth, giving him all the ammunition he needs to eviscerate your dumb, bitch, ass.”

Thank fucking God, the cracks are finally starting to show.  People everywhere, polite people, God fearing people who’ve been too God damn silent for too fucking long are over all your whiney fucking bullshit, all your political fucking correctness, the motherfucking thought police & all the spineless, shithead, douche bags everywhere caving in to the smallest, most irrelevant, fucking cry baby minorities in this country, so that nobody’s God damn feelings get hurt or at least not their fucking feelings since everything in America at the moment is a giant fuck you to the straight white normal people.  The only thing that it’s still ok to be in America right now is a fucking communist or an America hating, race baiting, shitbag minority. Well to you I say, fuck you and fuck your minority fucking feelings motherfuckers, because we, the majority, who never did shit to you, no longer have the capacity to give an ounce of a fuck more about your always the fucking victim bullshit!  You had your fucking chance & you fucked it, now fuck off and die!  “A Real Man never kicks someone while they’re down, unless they’ve been fucking kicking him while he was down.”

You and your faggot ass fucking feelings are going to get us all fucking killed, but you wouldn’t know that, because you don’t know any fucking history.  The first fucking thing they always take away is your right to free speech, then it’s your guns, followed by every fucking thing else you’d probably not rather give up if you had a functioning fucking brain in your empty God damn skulls.  Would someone please for the love of fucking God, launch, or better yet, or any variable thereof so that freedom of speech can survive? Sure, OFuckFace and Killary the Cuntbag are gonna to try to shut it down, kill the founder with a drone strike or a double tap to the back of the head and everything else in their fucking power, but if you made it like a file sharing service or something so that it’s on every pro constitution computer in America, which I assure you, is a shit ton of them, it might just slow there fucking Horst-Wessel-Lied march down a bit.  “A Real Man always risks everything for freedom, the kind of freedom that God gave him, not the kind the shitbags who are censoring and banning everything think they’re giving us.”

And while we’re on the God damn subject, we need all the hard working, non-handout grabbin’, productive members of society Americans to immediately stop living their regular lives right this fucking second and start living their lives like fucking warriors ready to kick some fucking ass and take God damn names.  America desperately needs every single person that believes in the Declaration Of Independence, especially as it pertains to all men being created equal, to stand the fuck up and start raising some serious fucking hell and tellin’ all these sorry ass motherfuckers and communist fucking companies alike that we are completely fucking engulfed by, hey you, look the fuck around bitches, it’s you that are completely fucking surrounded, so go fuck yourself, fuck your political correctness & fuck your Third Reich agenda, because this is America and it ain’t fuckin’ happenin’.  “A Real Man never starts a fight, but he’ll sure as fuck end that motherfucker.”

Granted, I know since we all have God damn jobs and shit that we don’t have the luxury of endless amounts of fucking free time to block fucking freeways and protest and burn our cities to the ground, because we’re too busy workin’ and shit, but if we don’t get off our fucking asses right fucking now, there may not be a country left to fight for or work in.  Hollywood, the media, the weakest and most corrupt among us have got a fucking stranglehold on Miss America and it’s only because we as a group, a much larger, much more informed, much stronger group have fucking allowing the shit to happen unfuckingchecked, so unless we start stomping these fuckers in the face and never, ever relent a single fucking inch til they crawl back under the fucking rocks they came from, we are all going to fucking die.  “A Real Man always works harder than everyone else, especially when it comes to unfucking his country.”

America wasn’t built on feelings, it was built on guns, ammo, balls, God and everyfuckingthing, except feelings you lazy ass, lesbian, faggot, feminist, spineless, transgender, safe space, social justice, triggered, micro aggressive, libtartded twatts.  What exactly is it going to take before you fucking realize that you are everyfuckingthing that’s wrong with this country and you’re helping the fucking enemy with all your divisiveness above everything else bullshit?  Do you know what the fuck Pandora’s box is, it’s something that you can’t fucking close once you open it. Once the Media, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Reddit & our Government start banning whatever the fuck they feel like willy nilly, without any backlash whatsoever from we the people, what’s fucking next?  Oh yeah what about banning or censoring being a lazy ass, lesbian, faggot, feminist, spineless, transgender, safe space, social justice, triggered, micro aggressive, libtartded twatt?  Sounds like fucking paradise to me.  “A Real Man never bans or censors things he doesn’t like, he needs shit to make fun of”.

Let’s say for instance you’re extremely religious and really, really, really, hate curse words and want them all fuckin’ banned, because you love God, you think it’s a sin and you want everything cleansed, but then one day, all of a sudden, out of the clear blue sky, you’re not allowed to talk about God anymore, because some asshole that hated God, you know, like OShitFuck for instance was offended by the very thought of God, because he’s not Allah and all and with one stroke of a pen, managed to get even talking about God banned. Well that is the slippery fucking slope we’re on right fucking now, because of selfish shitbags such as yourself.   But how the fuck did that happen?  Because everyfuckingthing in America is upsidedown right now, just as OFuckFace and Cuntery wanted it to be and no one’s been doin’ fuck to stop it.  “A Real Man always does everything he can to stop injustice, even if he has to shove that pen up your fucking ass to do it.”

Cocksuckers, PussyLickers & The Confused alike are now all considered perfectly fucking normal, just because Obama’s a cocksucker and his husband has a bigger dick than he does, Straight people are all bigots, racism is perfectly fucking acceptable as long as you’re black, all white people are the White Devil, while the real evil pricks of the world are now deemed Saints & the truly good among us are all labeled as Bad.  Everyfuckingthing in America is totally fucked and dumb fuck, low information, spoon fed sheep just keep gobbling up all the jizz loads of bullshit shot down their fuckin’ throats while a huge victory bukake smile is plastered all over their mindless fucking faces.  Why the fuck would you take comfort in the fact that they’re gonna kill you last?  How God damn stupid can you fuckin’ be?  “A Real Man never goes along with the crowd, because most people are fucking lazy, stupid and entitled.”

Pretend there was a movie that you liked as a child or a book or some song and all of a sudden it’s fucking censored or banned just because “the times have changed”. How is it fucking possible that when you were growin’ up, it was the greatest shit ever created, but now it’s the worst fucking crisis in the history of mankind?  There once was a time, in America, that alcohol was illegal, and how the fuck did that work out?  With a shit ton of dead fuckin’ cops, that’s how.  The rebel flag, prayer in school, the American flag, all banned, censored, desecrated or in the process of being so.  American’s are not Indians, they’re not outnumbered, outgunned and you’re not handing them fuckin’ casino’s, but keep takin’ shit away, you have no fucking right to and watch what the fuck happens next.  “A Real Man always avoids confrontation, unless you force him to cut the fucking head off the snake.”

Are you really OK with God and the Bible being censored or banned just because you don’t like it, well what if they banned or censored the fuckin’ Quran, Scientology or whatever the fuck nonsense you believe in? Would you be alright with that too? And do you honestly believe that everything that you find offensive or don’t believe in or would like to have banned or censored is going to stay fucking banned or censored forever?  Did you not just fucking hear me mention prohibition, one of the biggest banning fuck ups in American history.  Now I don’t personally care for weed myself, but its fuckin’ comin’ whether I like it or not.  “A Real Man never judges the desires of others; he minds his own fucking business and suggests you do the same.”

Everything changes, including shit that gets banned or censored. Even if you have the loudest, most obnoxious fucking voice at the moment, even if you’re standing on the top of the censorship/ban mountain, you won’t fucking be there forever and everyone will fucking remember you if you were and it won’t be for the for the fucking reasons you want them to.  I’m talkin’ to you Larry and Sergey, Zuckerberg, Huffman and Ohanian.  “A Real Man always shares information, even if he doesn’t fucking agree with it.”

The Internet’s also apparently about to be handed the fuck over to the same nameless corporation that’s poisoned our Government, the Media, Hollywood and everything else that’s fucking destroying America, but I could be wrong, maybe it’s just the New World order, the Illuminati, the Oligarchy bullshit, I don’t fucking know, all I know is as soon as it happens, censorship and banning everyfuckingthing they’ve ever opposed will be priority number fucking one as if they have some God given right to do so.  Sad part is, the Internet has only been able to give so many people, so much God damn opportunity and so much open fucking dialogue, because it’s always been free and open and for no other fucking reason.  Well in that case, we might as well shut it down right?  What are we China?  Why does it feel like we’re going fucking backwards in America?  “A Real Man never regresses, so why the fuck is my country doing it?”

I believe in God and Jesus, because I have no fucking choice.  I’ve personally witnessed with my own fucking eyes, miracles and shit science, drugs and a wild fucking imagination couldn’t possibly fucking explain.  I’ve personally seen Jesus twice that I’m aware of, but that doesn’t mean that I expect or demand that you or anyone else believe in God, Jesus or any fucking thing else for that matter.  I don’t give a fuck what you believe in as long as what you do doesn’t physically harm another person. I’m not gonna kill anyone that doesn’t believe in God or Jesus ever, unless they leave me no fucking choice.  “A Real Man always believes in God, and doesn’t give a fuck what you believe in.”

You fucking shitheads are censoring, banning or disparaging the American flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, Christian prayer in school, but Muslim prayers are just fucking fine?  You’re censoring and banning God and every single fucking thing that made this country the single greatest fucking idea in the entire fucking world.  How is it fucking possible to be so God damn stupid?  The history is there, the documentation is there, the rest of the world sucks ass, by comparison, what fucking more do you need?  “A Real Man never takes America for granted, you motherfuckers that do, need to get the fuck out and never come back.”

Our own God damn government hasn’t done pretty much anything fucking correctly since the days of our founding fathers and now you want to empower these brainless fucking mutants to tell us what to think, what is best for us & how to live our own fucking lives.  Are you out of your fucking minds?  Fuck that shit, fuck them and fuck you for being so fucking arrogant and ignorant. There’s a fucking time and a fucking place for everything including porn, foul language, drinking and general debaucherous behavior, just to name a few, but as long as none of those activities are physically harming another soul, I can’t possibly fucking imagine whose God damn business it is other than mine or why the fuck it would be.  “A Real Man always minds his own business, and makes fucking sure you do the same.”

Who do you answer to? Do you answer to yourself, the voices in your vacant fuckin’ dome or do you answer to the Government, who, who the fuck do you answer to?  Because I answer to God, my God, the God I believe in and I also believe that he trumps every other motherfucker on the face of the planet, but especially my fucking Government or YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Reddit and all these cocksuckers that want to make it okay for only the lunatic fucking freaks of society to have a say in anything, while the boring, normal people of the world don’t get to say shit?  Well fuck you, because even though as a company you have the right to do that, it doesn’t make it fucking right, because everyone wants to be free, they always fucking have, they always fucking will.  There can be no other outcome, but your abject fucking failure, because freedom always fucking wins bitches.  “A Real Man never answers to another man, unless that motherfucker is God.”

We can’t just stand by and Idly allow low information voters, dictators and the fucking thought police to censor or ban information at will. They don’t have the fucking right to do so.  God was here way before these motherfuckers ever showed up and he, not my government, gave me the right to say whatever the fuck I want to and to know everything I care to fucking investigate.  Just because you disagree with something, doesn’t make you fucking right, just because you’re overly fucking sensitive, doesn’t it make you fucking right, just because you don’t like something and want it to go away, doesn’t make you fucking right, it makes you a whiney fucking bitch, and even if everything I’m saying here is completely fucking wrong, according to the constitution which you’ve obviously never fucking heard of I still have the God damn right to say it you stupid fucks.  “A Real Man always respects your right to speak your mind, no matter how fucking dumb you sound.”

Do you even know that something as harmless as a book titled “The Adventures of Huckleberry fuckin’ Finn which was written by one of the greatest fucking writers in the history of mankind, Mark Twain, was once one of the most banned fucking books in history? Do you know that the rebel flag was banned, do you know that the American flag was banned?  Do you know that the 10 commandments were banned?  I’m only asking these questions, because whether or not these things are actually banned or not at the moment I’m making this video, whether or not you agree or disagree with banning them, they are part of the history for better or for worse of the greatest, richest, most powerful, freest country and idea to ever exist in the entire history of mankind.  Our own fucking government, right fucking now is in control of everything, but especially shit they have no fucking business being in control of, i.e. the media, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Reddit, etc.  Our own fucking Government does not have and has never had the fucking right to censor and or ban anything that doesn’t physically harm another person that doesn’t have it fuckin’ comin’.  Just who the fuck do they think they are?  “A Real Man never believes the lies he is fed, and is willing to fucking fight to the death to prove it.”

Obama does not actually have the fucking power that he wields, he’s just surrounded by spineless fucking douche bags, that I no longer trust and will never fucking vote for again.  Hillary the fucking criminal of all criminals doesn’t actually have the fucking power that she wields either, but she’s also surrounded by spineless fucking douche bags that are too afraid of getting’ killed instead of just kickin’ her old ass down a flight of God damn stairs and callin’ it a fucking day already.  All you censorship / banning shitstains need to leave everyone the fuck alone and mind your own God damn business, not my business, your own fucking business.  Grown up fucking adults do not need parents in the form of the government, i.e. the censorship / banning motherfuckers to tell us how to live our own God damn lives.  We got this motherfuckers!  We didn’t ask for your fucking help, we don’t fucking need it and we don’t fucking want it, so back the fuck off.  You wanna to do something productive with your fucking time and my fucking money, help those that can’t fucking help themselves, like disabled vets, homeless children, or just crazy motherfuckers, you know, people who have real fucking problems.  Freedom isn’t a fucking problem, it’s the God damn solution you fucking retards.  “A Real Man always believes in freedom, and will fucking kill you to keep it.”

This whole God dam country is upsidefuckingdown and it is about fuck30 that we did something about it instead of just standin’ around with our dicks in our hands watchin’ the whole thing turn into a steamin’ pile of shit.  It’s time to rise the fuck up and take this bitch back, by force if necessary!  I wake up every single day tryin’ to figure out what the fuck I can do, how the fuck I can do it and pray to God that he’ll one day soon give me the ability to do so, before it’s too late, then I do as much as I fucking can, all day, every day, what the fuck are you doing?  Get your ass online, before they fucking take it down, get your ass on the streets and start raisin’ serious fucking hell and get your ass on a God damn stage, preferably in front of a camera, before it’s too fucking late for all of us.

Fuck you Sellout Social & Lamestream Media faggots, whatever the fuck Government we have right now & The Permanently Fucking Offended, cuz we’re comin’ after you motherfuckers, guns a blazin!

Guns Up Rebels!