John D. – The ARMed Comic & Rated ARM Enterprises are killing themselves to bring you the raw, uncensored, reality of the world we live in through the use of comedy and we’ve been getting attacked from all sides since day one.  From friends of great show guests, to social media icons who censor themselves to social media platforms who won’t allow us to boost posts, to third party vendors who won’t do work for us because it hurts their feelings.  I say we start callin’ these motherfuckers out and puttin’ all that shit right here so you can see what we go through for you on a daily basis.

Tomi Lahren, Bill O’Reilly, who’s next?

Wake the fuck up people!

America is at war with itself!

When the history books are written, what will be said about you?  You watched it burn or you got in there and got your hands dirty?