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America This Week – ImpeachGate – John D. The ARMed Comic

I don’t know if you got the memo or not, but Killary the Cunt Clinton lost the God damn Presidential Election fair and square.  Yeah, I know, shocker right?  I mean how could she?  She’s a woman, she’s the most qualified everything in the history of fucking ever & she’s a carpet muncher.  But how, why, I don’t understand?  You’re fucking retarded, she’s a God damn criminal and she got her fat fucking ass handed to her by A Real Man, that’s how!  A straight, white, male, shit talkin’, politically incorrect, asshole, capitalist stepped up and bitchslapped her crooked ass back to the fucking stone age.  It’s not Trump’s fault that the pruined up vagina that used to spoon Bill Clinton along with all his other whores, who contracted over a hundred hits and sold political favors to foreign God damn governments was the worst fucking possible horse you could have bet the house on.  It’s not Trump’s fault that her lunatic fan base is so out of fuckin’ wack with society and reality that they actually convinced themselves that Real Americans wanted anything to fucking do with her or that she’s ever done shit in her entire fucking life to benefit anyone other than herself & everyone that want’s Trump to succeed is fucking Nazi.  It’s your fault for being a brain dead, pundocracy, shit eating, fuck wit.

Hey Folks, John D. The ARMed Comic here and in this episode of America This Week, ImpeachGate, I’m gonna give you just enough information to shut down the libtarded jizz gurglers in your circle of influence and get them to shut the fuck up about impeaching Donald Trump once and for all.  Or you could just tag them or forward this video straight to them, if you have any balls that is.  Either way, you’ll leave them in a puddle of tears, begging for mercy and wanting revenge and with any luck, they’ll stop bye to get it, allowing you to legally stand your ground and blow their useless fucking frontal lobe right the fuck off, that is if you live in A Real State.  If you don’t then fucking move or make it A Real State as soon as God damn possible.  Shit’s getting’ real.

Let’s review the facts shall we.  After the pant suit wearin’, seizure havin’, cockiest bitch alive for no God damn reason whatsoever lost the opportunity of a lifetime to continue down #NiggaFromNowhere’s fuck America to death policy highway and finish us off for good, she couldn’t just admit defeat, slink off and quietly fucking kill herself, which would have been best for all parties involved.  No, she had to dream up some fantasy fiction bullshit that her cocksucker cronies in Hollywood, the Mainstream Media & Obama’s Man-Hating Shadow Government will probably still be peddlin’ after 3 more President’s have come and gone especially since she won’t fucking be one of them, because it’s easier than acknowledging the greatest God damn upset in the history of mankind.  Now these deranged shithead numbnuts spend every waking fucking moment of every single day harping on the fact that Trump may or may not have colluded with the Russians to rig the election in spite of the fact that Wiki-leaks, 100% accurate for 11 years now, already concluded that there is absolutely zero fucking evidence to support that tinfoil hat bucket of crap, the fact that OFuckFace & the DNC actually hacked the election to steal it from the ol’ crusty Jew, and the fact that as Secretary Of State, The Joker herself actually sold parts of America off to Mother Russia in the form of our Uranium deposits and made off with $145 million fucking dollars in the process.

Let’s also not forget that there’s actual fucking audio & video evidence of Obama, the exalted, supreme being of all creation, promising the Ruskies more flexibility after his re-appointment by the CIA.  Imagine that, the same cocksucker responsible for all the freaks of fucking nature rioting every other God damn day about shit they can’t even extrapolate to you after putting a mic in their fucktard faces, the worthless shitpile obstructionists we have in the DC swamp and the deep state leakage fuckery, running amuck throughout the lack of intelligence community wants us to believe that the same woman that was enemy of the state in 2008 is now mother fuckin Theresa.  Fuck you Hillary, fuck you Obama, fuck you Hollywood, fuck you Mainstream Media, fuck you Obama’s Man-Hating, Deep State, Shadow government.  Fuck you FBI, fuck you CIA, fuck you James Comey, fuck you Stephen Colbert, fuck you Glenn Beck & fuck you Antifa and if I left out anybody of particular interest this week, fuck you too.  Trump hasn’t done anything wrong and even if you think he did, if whatever he’s done offends you so fucking much that you have to constantly fucking bitch, riot & reverse engineer a God damn impeachment over it and it just so happens to be anything remotely fucking similar to something Obama’s ever done that you didn’t say shit about then, fuck you too, you need to be shot in the fucking skull.  Eat a God damn dick you hypocritical fucking assholes.  Trump won, get the fuck over it!  America won, suck on that flagpole motherfuckers.  God won, go fucking crucify yourselves.

This is John D. The ARMed Comic and if Donald Trump gets impeached over Fake News, Libtard, Deep State bullshit, the streets of America will run blood red with the engorged Tampon excrement of all the elitist fucks that think they know what’s better for we the people than we the motherfuckin’ people. If you feel the same, have the balls to like, comment, tag, share and blast everyone you know!

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