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America This Week – Coexist – John D. The ARMed Comic

So a lipstick lesbian who can’t fuckin’ coexist with a God damn comedian, can’t coexist with our President and can’t coexist with the general population or her own staff for that matter thinks that we the people need to coexist with fucking suicide bombers?  Ok ya dumb twat, you go first, I’ll watch.  Let me tell ya somethin’ bobbletits.  If you hadn’t shown up with those gigantic fake ass feed bags, pettin’ your pussy, wearing lingerie, surrounded by 10 other hookers gettin’ your box munched and wakin’ up next to a black man, who by all accounts should be royally fuckin’ pissed that his anaconda wasn’t good enough for you, no one would know who the fuck you are so shut your hole.  It’s a God damn travesty that someone who’s famous for simply havin’ a fat rack has a voice in American politics today, but most people, especially your fan base are too fucking dumb, to realize that nothing about you or your fairy tale life qualifies you to lecture us real worlders on anything other than maybe how to blow a record producer, get a boob job and persist to retard the planet with your unfortunate presence in it.

Hey Folks, John D. The ARMed Comic here and in this episode of America This Week – Coexist, I’d like to spend a few minutes, giving you just a couple of examples of why coexisting with people who want to kill you is a bad fucking idea.  I never thought I’d have to make a video explaining this shit, but then again, your average Social Justice moron has never been this God damn delusional in all of recorded history, so here goes.  As with everything else I say, please don’t believe 1 God damn word of it, just open your mental faculties to history, facts and logic, if that’s still a possibility for you and go looking for the God damn information on your own, but you better hurry the fuck up, because it’s all being erased faster than we can get to it.

I want you to think back to when you were bullied in school, at work or somewhere else.  How did coexisting with someone who literally lived and breathed to beat the shit outta you every fucking day turn out for you?  Now it’s entirely possible that your life resembles Katy Perry’s after school special and a simple conversation, a little bit of reasoning and perhaps a hug or two, turned some punk bitch motherfucker into your best God damn friend overnight, but I seriously fuckin’ doubt it.  I personally had to threaten the life of, break the nose of or knock the God damn teeth out of everyone that ever fucked with me, to get them to stop and that’s just the shit my attorney will allow me to tell you about.  Bullies, a.k.a. batshit crazy goat fuckers aren’t remotely God damn interested in conversations, negotiations and reparations.  All they want, is to convert you into a child raping, woman beating, faggot killing, America hating, Jihadi fucking terrorists or exterminate you for not submitting to Saria Law and joining the God damned Caliphate.  Fuck the Caliphate!

Would you please for the love of God open a God damn history book you ignorant fucks?  America and the rest of the world have been at war with these salaamakaze, camel-jockey, box cuttin’, rag-head, islamodouche, sand niggers since the dawn of man.  This is not a new fucking problem.  It’s even older than racism.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, the same dune coons you want to coexist with are the very desert monkeys that invented fucking slavery, the text book God damn definition of real racism and still practice that bullfuckery under their own legal system, which you want to incorporate into America, which at a glance is pretty much whatever the fuck they feel like doing at any given God damn time.  I gotta admit, some of it don’t sound half bad.  I mean you get to fuck eleventeeners, beat the shit outta your wife, murder anyone trying to stick a cock in your ass and bullwhip motherfuckers into doin’ your biddin’ for free, so what’s not to like?  But as good as all that sounds, our Founding Fathers weren’t havin any of that shit, especially after these fucking cockroaches kept stealing our ships, kidnapping the white crews and passengers, enslaving the pasties and holding them for ransom, when they weren’t too busy rapin’ and killin’ them, because they wouldn’t renounce their Christian beliefs or the tribute wasn’t high enough or paid fast enough or even if it fuckin’ was.  Great buncha guys, I know!  1 good thing did come out of it though.  The motherfuckin’ marines.

That’s right snowflakes, the baddest sonsabitches this side of Thomas God damn Jefferson, the only Real Man with balls big enough to stop entertaining these fucking extortionists, unlike the pussy ass Brits, decided instead to fight these scumfucks to the death, especially since all they ever did was lie, lie fucking lie, just like the fuck they do now.  And that my friends is how we also ended up with George motherfuckin’ Washington creating a Naval Fleet packed with ass stompin’ jarheads which were sent by TJ without congressional approval to eventually decimate these ocean spooks and wound up dominating the world’s seas, hence, the world’s trade, hence, the world.  Thanks Islam!  Now go fuck yourself!  Yeah I know, the story I just told you goes against everything you’ve ever fucking heard going through the public indoctrination bravo sierra school system, but if it weren’t true then, why the fuck is it still true today?  Answer me!  I’ll wait.

What’s so crazy is, these box truckin’, decapitatin’, acid bathin’ fuckheads that you love so God damn much don’t even try to mask their intentions.  They publicly shout and hold up signs that say Death to America, Death to Israel, Death to the West & Down with USA all while burning the American flag, hangin’ & torchin’ effigies of our Presidents all while claiming that Islam is a religion of peace.  What part of coexist am I fucking missing here?  Bitch, please hold your farewell concert in Syria ya dumb twat and make sure you announce to the whole world, that this will be your last show ever so we can get as many of your fucktard minions in the crosshairs as well.  Fuck, I’ll even start a crowdfund account myself to cover the airfare.  I personally don’t allow people that hate me into my house and believe me there’s a shit ton of them, but maybe that’s just me, but if you’re gonna let me in yours to rape, beat and kill you, Katherine Elizabeth, I’m on my fuckin’ way.  Just cuz I hate your unbelievable God damn ignorance doesn’t mean I won’t fuck the shit outta you.  I’ve hated most of the women I’ve banged, but pussy is pussy and famous pussy might just get this bitch called Rated ARM on the map.  It worked for Russell didn’t it?

This is John D. The ARMed Comic and I for one am sick and fucking tired of elitist, out to lunch liberals telling me how to live my life, instead of just using my own brain.  If you feel the same and you want me to keep making more of these motherfuckers and attacking these shitfurbrain rejects, simply like, comment, tag, share and blast everyone you know!

I mean it God damn it!

Guns up Rebels!