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America This Week! – Fake Vs. Real

It seems to me that the whole God damn world has lost its motherfuckin’ mind.  How else do you explain, everything and i do mean every God damn thing being so upside fucking down right now?  White is bad, black is right.  Guns are vicious, but rocks aight.  Nationalism is racist, but in reverse its well deserved.  Homosexuals are normal and the straights are now absurd.  Just looking at woman makes you misogynistic but punching on a man is simply being a feminist.  Perverts fuck their students, but no one cares unless he’s male.  All he needs is 1 received picture and his ass’ll go to jail.  Now don’t get me wrong, no one likes pedophile, but if they’re rich, famous or powerful, that shit’ll never go to trial.  “While you’re busy reading “rules for radicals”, A Real American Man is working his dick off Making America Great Again.”

Hey folks, John D. The ARMed Comic here and in this episode of America this week, fake vs. Real every fucking thing, all that shit that I just mentioned is exactly why I wrote W.A.R. By my band John D. & the Rated ARM Banned, because shits that fucked and unless we do somethin’ about it, pretty God damn quickly, it’s only gonna get worse, much fucking worse than you can possibly imagine.  So bad in fact you’ll be praying for a quick God damn death.  But all of it can be turned around, in the blink of an eye, just like the million to 1 shot of getting titanium wheelbarrow nuts, a.k.a. President Trump in the white house in the first God damn place.  All we need to do, is ban together, ask God for his help and do our fucking part.  And what is our part?  Stand the fuck up, speak the fuck out and call bullshit on all of it.  “While you’re busy singing “don’t worry, be happy”, A Real American Man is stockin’ up on food, water, guns, ammo and as much training as fucking possible.”

Let me give you a few examples of what the fuck I’m talking about.  You can either believe in climate change, whatever the fuck that is or you can believe in god, but you can’t fucking believe in both at the same God damn time.  God is either, all knowing, all seeing, all powerful or he fucking isn’t.  If he is, he knew we’d make factories, cars, airplanes and everything else that pisses your completely illogical fucktard hat rack off.  Fuck the Paris Climate Agreement!  Agreement to what, to bribe everyone else to do fuckin’ nothin’, while we destroy our own economy doing everything that won’t matter one God damn bit to mother fuckin’ nature?  We can do that shit for free.  I’ve been telling people for years, if you truly care about the environment, go after everyone fucking else!  Remember the 1970’s when it was called Global Cooling, before it was called Global Warming, before it was called Climate Change?  Of course not, cuz you don’t know shit and you sure as fuck don’t know any history!  So look it the fuck up dumbass!  What’s next, Climate Not Changing?  You earth warriors are all fucking retarded!  “While you’re busy saving the planet, A Real American Man is praying for God to help him solve problems that actually fucking exist.”

Speaking of short bussers, did ya’ll see Megyn Kelly vs. Vladimir Putin or should I say, me-again get cunt punched by the Ruskie?  Is that bitch crazy?  Did she honestly fucking convince herself that she could treat an ex KGB foreign intelligence officer, 3 term President and the leader of mother Russia like any old say whatever everyone wants to hear, afraid to speak their mind, spineless, American politician on camera, in the Soviet God damn union?  Bitch, you’re lucky you didn’t come up missin’!  You’re not gonna stump someone like that.  You’re not gonna back him into a corner.  You’re not gonna get your gotcha moment.  You’re gonna look like a dumb twat hell bent on taking down all white men the world over because Donald motherfuckin’ Trump made a complete mockery of everything about you during the election and still became your fucking President!  Sexually harass that bitch!  “While you’re busy getting to the truth on Sunday night with Megyn Kelly,  A Real American Man is actually exposing the fake news bullshit that snarling, arrogance, turncoat tits isn’t remotely fucking interested in.”

Ok, now on to shit that matters.  Not really, we don’t actually have anything like that in the cycle anymore, but that never stops them from makin’ shit up, like the Comey vs. Trump God damn Olympics for instance.  How this former head treasonist of the FBI cocksucker has an ounce of fucking credibility with anyone, anywhere astounds me.  How fucking blind can you be to believe this piece of stale dog droppings is capable of telling anything that even remotely resembles the truth to anyone including himself, especially after his epic non-investigation of the most corrupt fucking politician in the history of the entire world with the literal universe watching?  The balls on this motherfucker.  Is he part of pizzagate?  Do they have his own children in a God damn guillotine somewhere?   What the fuck does #niggafromnowhere and Killery the cunt have on this lying prick weasel?  Was he ever a decent human being with fidelity, bravery and integrity or has he always been a vacillating, cowardly, fucking disgrace?  I want answers god damnit!  “While you’re busy admiring the strength, loyalty and professionalism of James Brien Comey, A Real American Man is sourcing the ties, the lies & the flies of this fucking traitor.”

Then we have never fucking ending RussiaGate vs. Celebutards horseshit.  I pit these 2 against each other because I can’t make up my mind which is more God damn idiotic.  And every single time it looks like one is finally fucking dead and gone and the President can finally get the fuck back to work, Making America Great Again, another one of you corn holes bursts on the scene and outdo the last fart knocker that had the spotlight in an epic battle to show the world what happens when blueblood, incestual, inbreeding runs rampant throughout the entertainment, information and political petri dish.  I’m sorry, but if you give a single fuck what any celebrity on earth thinks about anything, even if you like that motherfucker, you have severe God damn brain damage and there is no hope for you.  And if you can sit there and watch investigation after God damn anal probe fall the fuck apart, no matter how many or what particular angles they come at it from, no matter who the fuck they prop up and no matter how much wall to God damn wall fake ass bullshit “news” coverage it gets, paging Dr. Kevorkian, paging Dr. Kevorkian!  Never mind, call me!  I’ll blow your head off ya stupid motherfucker!  “While you’re busy counting on collusion, A Real American Man is casting his votes for fearless fucking, outsider, patriots.”

And last but not least, Reality Winner narcissism vs. Real Americans.  Somewhere along the way, all the busted ass bitches of the land of milk & honey managed to delusionally fucking convince themselves that they were attractive.  Unfortunately for them and all of us, no one’s ever stepped the fuck up to tell them the God damn truth.  That’s what the fuck I’m here for!  I wouldn’t bang this fugly, treasonous, gash with a drippy dick.  Such is the case of this vegan, yogi, environmentalist who pines to be the pitcher in a sellout, hypocrite, terrorist orgy with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Al Gore & Osama Bin Laden.  If all that weren’t enough to make you toss your fucking kale, she also managed to “rescue” pets, compete in CrossFit and still find the God damn time to become enemy of the state.  Is there anything left to say here?  I mean, this fucking story writes itself.  Oh wait, there was one more thing.  This democratic party operative, CIA plant, Deep State, NSA patsy anonymously leaking more Russia collusion #fakenews doodoo brown is way to God damn convenient for anyone with a fucking lit bulb to ever believe if you ask me.  She was also supposedly also overheard claiming that she would simply play the pretty, white and cute, card while crying and all.  Tooooo?  I’m not really sure what she thinks that’s gonna get her, especially since all of the things she could be, pretty and cute ain’t either one of them.  The only part of this entire fucking fable that even smells remotely God damn plausible was the unbelievably unwarranted vanity of this dumbfucking snatch.  One more miscalculation on your part dude with tits.  #niggafromnowhere can’t pardon your retarded ass anymore and I highly fucking doubt your “Orange Fascist” is gonna help you out either. “While you’re busy reveling in the righteousness of reality winner, A Real American Man is preparing a painful prosecution to make an example out of this fantasy fucking loser.”

This is John D. The ARMed Comic and Real America needs your help.  These fake ass motherfuckers have been too loud for too fucking long and it’s time to shut them the fuck up once and for all.  If you feel the same, have the balls to like, comment, tag, share and blast everyone you fucking know!
Guns up rebels!