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A Real Man Never Cheats On His Wife Part 2

A Real Man

Welcome to part 2 of A Real Man never cheats on his wife he invites her to join him.  Now if you didn’t watch part 1, don’t bother fucking watching this video because it won’t be nearly as funny if you don’t know all the chaos that led up to this video.  If you have, good for you, enjoy.  I’m John D. The Rated ARM Comic and this next story has to be seen to be fucking believed.  Unfortunately, I don’t actually have any video footage of the story which is probably a good thing because I’d wear the skin off my cock watching it on loop every day for the rest of my fucking life.  “A Real Man never masturbates, without a woman or women to shoot it on.”

So we all go out to dinner again 2 weeks later.  I stayed as far away from that bitch as I possibly could.  I really, really, really didn’t wanna slip, trip and fall on my dick, in her, but this bitch was relentless.  Every fuckin’ time I turned around, this whore was at my house, hangin’ out with my wife, calling me at the station, stopping by when I was at lunch and all with her husband’s knowledge.  I know this because I kept telling him.  I had never been so fucking confused in my entire life.  Here I was at the gateway to heaven, something I’ve only dreamt about since my first boner, you know the one I was born with that almost made my mom have to have a C-section just to give birth to me.  All of this shit was happening without any effort whatsoever on my part.  Not only was I not exerting an ounce of energy, I was actually trying to keep it from fucking happening in the first fucking place.  “A Real Man always avoids having sex with with overly aggressive women, when he’s a faggot.”

So my boy and I decided to take the girls out for a nice meal, if they were really gonna go through with this, the least we could do was throw some grub down their gullets.  They’re gonna need it, at least they would for me.  Now I didn’t know his history, but I’d personally had most of the sex I’d ever had at that point in my life in 4 to 8 hour increments depending on how into the girl I was and by into, I mean, how hot I thought she was and not how deep in her I actually would be.  For whatever reason, I’d always fucked like I might die in the process and wanted to be found and buried that way.  I think, as a man, if you’re lucky enough to die while fucking, someone should kill the girl and bury both of you with your cock still inside her, that way you both get to go out with a smile or at least the man does.  I pray to god every night that’s how I go.   What real man doesn’t?  A Real Man would never kill a woman while having sex with her, his cock would.”

I spent a lifetime fucking like I had something to prove and I always jerked off so much as a kid, I guess I built up a tolerance to cumming a gallon or 2 without ever losing my composure or hard on.  I even went so far as to train myself to completely control my body while cumming so the girls I was pumping white Russians into never knew I was dropping goo until we were totally done fucking and millions of my unborn children started dripping down into their ass cracks.  Now, only that I’m older, do I realize, they always fucking knew, but back then, I just didn’t want them to stop me, kill the mood or fuck up my performance by faking like they were even remotely concerned about getting pregnant and make me go get a fucking condom which I wouldn’t do anyway.  If you’re the one whose gonna have to carry that mother fucker around for nine months, while I’m out fucking your friends, the least you could do is consider getting on birth control you stupid bitch.  A Real Man always practices safe sex, when shooting a load down your throat.”

For the record, I’ve never once fucked a girl that was even remotely concerned with getting pregnant.  And why would they be?  It’s the closest thing to welfare goin’.  Why would you wanna work hard in school to get a good job only to work harder to get promoted to make more money and have a better life to only to improve yourself as a human and improve the world around you when you can just spread your fucking legs and get some chump and Uncle Sam to pick up the tab so you can get drunk at the beach every day, poison the kids with a strict diet of McNuggets, ice cream and soda because you’re too fucking lazy to cook, constantly go shopping and watch chick shows while trollin’ social media for the next dipshit to pump another check in ya to keep the machine rollin’ till your miniature slaves are old enough to take care of you?  These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.  “A Real Man always contributes to society, not getting your useless ass pregnant is step 1.”

So after we finished dinner, we make the inevitable decision to go back to their place and see what transpires, but first we’re gonna have a conversation.  I was gonna lay my cards on the table.  I still have 1 trick left up my sleeve and if this doesn’t stop everyone on this train to crazy town, then I’ll throw in the towel and fuck whomever wants to get fucked, as long as it’s one of the girls.  He’s my homeboy, not my homoboy.  So now we’re back at the their place, the same place the inquisition took place just 2 weeks earlier and I make everyone shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down so I can say what I need to say, what someone needs to point out, what really needs to be understood before we actually go through with this shit.  “A Real Man always takes the lead, especially when it comes to fucking his friends wife.”

So I tell the group, look guys, I really don’t know why the fuck you’re all so God damn eager to go through with this but before we do, I think there’s some things you need to think about.  Everyone immediately goes into their “there’s nothing to think about, we’ve already thought about it, stop being such a pussy” speeches.  And I said “shut the fuck up!”  I’ve listened to all 3 of you for weeks and now you’re gonna listen to me.  I point at my buddy’s wife and ask her point blank, how many guys have you had sex with in your entire life, she comes back with 2 which translates to about 6 or 7 since all girls flat out lie about this, which further translates to 20 or 30 for her since she’s such an aggressive whore.  I then ask my buddy the same question.  He comes back with 2 which translates to this is his first.  I then announce to the group that my wife has actually only had sex with 2 guys, me being the second because I was smart enough to marry the only girl I’ve ever met that doesn’t lie, not even to save her own ass.  Fellas, that’s what you look for in a wife.  Everything else is shit.  “A Real Man always marries a woman based on how honest she is, and how often she voluntarily sucks his dick.”

Everyone just looks at me and says so what’s your point?  I point at my buddy’s wife and say “the point is you’ve only been with 2 guys” while rolling my eyes at this lying whore, I point at my buddy, “you’ve only been with 2 girls, while rolling my eyes in apathetic disgust, and finally to my wife and you’ve only been with 2 guys with sympathy for what she’s about to get herself into.  I on the other hand have had sex with hundreds of different women.  So what’s your fucking point?  The point is I don’t even remember most of those girls or their names or anything about them or the encounter, which means as soon as we’re done doing this, I’m gonna forget all about it.  I’m not gonna bring it up, talk about it, play remember when, call you behind your man’s back to get some on the side, none of that shit.  I’m just gonna get on with my life, but you guys are all gonna need fucking therapy if we do this.  “A Real Man always gives everyone the bad news up front, even if he’s behind you while doing it.”

Of course no one believes me, thinks I’m full of shit and they all start calling me a pussy again.  Ok, that’s it!  I’ve put in more effort than any rational man would trying to stop these children from getting in over their heads, but what the fuck do I know?  It’s funny how we now live in a generation of idiots who place no value at all on experience.  If experience is worthless, then please tell me what does have worth.  Not a fucking thing.  Now it’s time to pull out all the stops, I’m not gonna be nice anymore, I’m not gonna be charming or try to spare anyone’s retarded fucking feelings.  It’s time to be a real man.  “A Real Man always plays nice, right up until you fucking piss him off.”

I look at my wife and I tell her, if we do this, I’m not gonna spend 1 second trying to please you, make you happy or feel like I’m not leaving you out because I will be.  I’m gonna fuck her like you’re not even there and I’m gonna do everything I do with you, no rules, no limitations and I might even do some shit that you don’t want me doing to you.  His wife says like what?  I’m gonna choke you with my cock till tears come out your eyes, fuck your pussy so hard you won’t be able to walk straight for a week, then fuck you in your ass till you can’t wipe it without crying.  My buddy starts laughing and asks “so whatcha gonna do to me?”  The truth?  I’m gonna fuck your wife so well she never want to fuck you again.  Ever!  Whatever man!  “A Real Man always says it like it is, even if its in your ass.”

That’s it, there’s nothing more I can do.  Everyone’s been warned.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I have never thought for a minute that I was the world’s greatest lover, just one of the most experienced.  I’ve been telling my son since before he was born, you wanna be great, practice, practice, practice.  The only way to master anything is to practice and fucking was something I’d had more practice with than anyone I’ve ever known and apparently it’s all been leading up to this moment in my life.  So everyone believe it or not, is still in.  I know, I can’t fucking believe it either.  I’ve never tried so hard or at all to not get laid in my entire life, but every now and then, you gotta give the people what they want.  “A Real Man always gives the people what they want, especially if its his cock in his best friends new wife.”

So the girls get up and go in the bedroom to get ready for 45 fucking minutes of course.  My buddy starts pouring and downing drinks and I tell him, you must not like being married very much.  He thinks I’m kidding.  Dude!  Whatever man, it’ll be fine.  Just relax.  Ok.  Fuck it!  I’ll relax, but you better start planning your fucking divorce.  “A Real Man always helps his friends see things clealy, like my cock in them not being the best idea.”

The girls eventually come out wearing nothing but black thongs and they looked fucking spectacular.  There’s nothing on earth more attractive than a beautiful woman about to get fucked.  Oh wait, yes there is, 2 beautiful women about to get fucked.  I’d never been so turned on in my entire life.  I was about to watch a real life porno staring me, my favorite character.  Holy shit!  So the girls start walking towards us and I immediately grab his wife by the wrist and pulled her into me and start kissing her on the lips while slowly rubbing my hands up and down her body and grabbing her sexy little bubble booty really hard.  Surely someone’s gonna put a stop to this shit now!  Nope!  Ok, so it’s time to step it up a notch!  “A Real Man always appreciates a naked woman, and really, really appreciates multiple naked women.”

So I start running my hands through her hair, pulling on it with one hand while barely choking her neck with the other while sucking on her tongue & looking her in the eyes like she was my woman, because at that moment, she was.  I told everyone I wasn’t gonna hold back and I fucking meant it.  I don’t know if it was telepathy or what, but both girls slowly dropped to their knees to suck each of our cocks at the exact same time.  Fucking epic!  I could now see my wife’s incredibly sexy, sculpted, tan back as she was down on her knees sucking my best friends’ dick and to my amazement, this was the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my 25 years of life.  I had never witnessed anything like it before in real life so I didn’t really know how I would feel about it till it happened, but once it happened, I was hooked.  “A Real Man never gets turned on seeing his woman with another man, unless his cock is in another woman the moment it happens.”

Now don’t be a bitch and get this all twisted.  I loved my wife with all my heart and I had no doubt whatsoever that she loved me and that we were soul mates, so I can’t give you 1 good God damn reason why it was so hot to me, it just was.  I still don’t get it till this day, but I will tell you this, that day forever changed how I looked at sex and gave me the courage to always pursue what most men only dream about in every area of life.  After all, here were 2 married women whom loved their husbands and they were not only willing to do this shit, they instigated the whole fucking thing.  So just imagine what you could get away with, with some random club bitch.  No need to imagine, just keep watching Rated ARM videos and you will not only see what possible, but learn how to make it happen as well.  Ha ha ha  “A Real Man always pushes everything to the limits, don’t get in the fucking way.”

Ok, it appears to me that no one’s gonna come to their senses and stop this train from derailing, so I, the experienced guy, A Real Man will once again try to save everyone in the room before it’s too fucking late.  I know, I know, what the fuck is wrong with me?  You’re gonna hear this a lot so get fucking used to it.  “with great power comes great responsibility.” ~ Uncle Ben ~ Spiderman.  I decided to come in his wife’s mouth, without warning her.  Not a pussy’s been touched or entered at this point so if there’s any chance of stopping these delusional people from committing mental suicide it’s now or never.  Remember the cum training I spoke of earlier, well it’s high time I used it.  “A Real Man never cums in woman’s mouth, unless his cock is in it.”

I just let his wife keep sucking and sucking, fighting the urge over and over till I thought, maybe now I can drown this bitch and let loose.  Just as I suspected, she never saw it cumming, literally and figuratively and the fact that I held her head until I was completely finished may be the reason she started coughing herself to death so badly that she had to run off to the bathroom for 20 minutes and do whatever a girl has to do when they almost overdose on a mouth full of pussy soldiers.  Not really sure.  My wife of course being the good friend that she was, jumped up to go help her.  This gave me and my buddy, one last chance to talk.  Grab our pants, cover up, then talk.  “A Real Man always saves everyone in the room, even if he has to drown someone in cum to do it.”

Dude!  Are you sure you wanna go through with this?  It’s a little late now?  Not really, we can get dressed and get the fuck outta here.  Nah man, you came, I wanna cum too.  I came to teach your wife a fucking lesson.  What lesson is that?  Be careful what you wish for.  He starts laughing.  I spent a few more minutes trying to talk some sense into this mother fucker, but no dice.  I’m sure gonna miss having him as a friend.  With friends like this, who needs pimps?  “A Real Man always puts bros before hoes, and this bitch was superho.”

The girls finally come out of the bathroom and go straight to the bedroom.  Holy shit!  This really is happening.  There’s no turning back now.  Well, when in Rome, fuck a Roman.  Now it’s time to teach my wife a lesson.  So I go in the bedroom and the girls are both bent over on their hands and knees slowly climbing up on the bed so I grab his wife’s hips and stick my face in her ass and start licking her pussy and her asshole like the cure to cancers in that mother fucker and I’m at stage 4.  “A Real Man never throws anything in his wife’s face, while he’s busy throwing his face in another chicks ass.”

She jumps at first and tries to pull away a little, but I squeeze hand prints into her hips and pull her into my face.  Then she started moaning like I’ve never heard a woman moan before.  Like a fucking lion or something.  Now I don’t if she was showing off, trying to make him jealous, trying to make my wife jealous or what, but I fucking loved it so I just went along with it.  I was so hard at this point, I thought I would pass out due to a lack of blood to my brain, but then I looked over at my buddy licking my wife’s pussy who was now on her back and realized, I am now officially in the fucking twilight zone.  His wife never even mentioned choking on my load 20 minutes earlier either and my wife wasn’t mad.  This has to be an alternate universe.  They’re all gonna kill me for an insurance scam when this is all over.  I just know it.  Oh, well.  “A Real Man always appreciates the noises a woman makes, when she’s getting fucked into oblivion.”

After I made his wife cum 2 or 3 times which was evident by the puddle below me, I stood up, flipped her over on her back, grabbed her hands and pulled her off the bed to lay down so she could get on top of me.  I looked over and then saw my wife with her sexy fucking back straddling my buddy trying to slide his semi hard dick inside her.  Man!  His dick his huge!  His wife looked over and saw that too.  That’s when reality finally hit this dumb bitch.  She didn’t like what she was seeing one bit, got pissed and decided to fuck her rage out on my cock.  So she straddles me, grabs my cock, rams it inside her and starts fucking me to death, literally.  A Real Man never intends to die while having sex, but he’s totally ok with it if it happens.” 

Ok, now to have another woman’s pussy straddling your cock with your wife’s blessing is one thing, but for your wife to be there smiling about it is another thing entirely.  This girl was riding me so hard, I had to hold her down out of the fear that she might fly off and knock herself unconscious or something.  This went on for about 20 or 30 minutes or so and I thought for sure the way this bitch was screaming that that cops would show up, and arrest someone for attempted murder.  So I came inside her as hard as I could and made sure she my wife and my buddy knew it.  The gloves were off and now I’m gonna kill this bitch, just like I said I would.  “A Real Man always keeps his promises, even if its impregnating your wife.”

So I sat up, flipped her on her back and started fucking her like I was trying to ram the bed through the fucking floor.  She was screaming, oh God, oh God, oh God, so much, I had to stop and look around.  I thought God might actually be there.  He wasn’t so I got back to work and fucked and fucked and fucked until she came and screamed and moaned and clawed blood trails in my back.  I made this girl cum really, really, really hard 2 or 3 times until out of the blue, her husband got out of bed, put his pants on and walked out.  “A Real Man always keeps his promises, I thought I fucking told you I was gonna kill your wife with my cock.”

Oh shit!  I jumped up, grabbed my pants and ran out after him.  He’s my boy.  Dude!  What the fuck are you doing?  Where are you going?  I can’t do it.  Can’t do what?  This, I can’t do it.  I thought I could, but I can’t.  I can’t get it up.  It’s a little fucking late for that!  I know.  Didn’t I tell you this was a bad fucking idea?  There are 2, sexy, craved bitches in there waiting to get fucked, now man up and go fuck someone.  I can’t.  I just need some air.  I’m gonna go for a drive.  A drive?  Ok, let me get my shit, I’ll go with ya.  No man, you don’t have to stop.  What?  I’m the one with the problem, you’re doin’ fine, you stay.  I’m clearly doin’ better than fine, but I’m not stayin’, it wouldn’t be right.  “A Real Man always tries to salvage the friendship, even if his cum is inside and all over your wife.”

Ok, I must have missed the part where I died and went to debauchery heaven, but it seems like I just arrived.  I can’t do that to you man, you’re my boy, that’s your brand new wife, although, I’m not entirely sure for how long.  I’ll come with you.  Stay, I insist.  This is not your fault, you’ve done everything you could possibly do to prevent this.  It’s my fault and I’m not gonna let it ruin your night.  You may never get this chance again and if it was me, I would stay.  I have never been more honored to know another man in all my life.  That was all he had to say.  “A Real Man always salutes another soldier, sometimes even with his soldier.”

He left without even saying goodbye to his wife.  She didn’t even get out of bed to check on him.  I walked back in and told the girls what happened and also told them we can stop if you want to or I can stay and both of them smiled at each other almost as if all this shit had been planned in advanced, they grabbed me and pulled me down into the bed and took turns sucking and fucking me till about 7am the next morning.  At least I think that’s what happened.  A word of warning to anyone who engages in marathon fucking.  1, drink tons of water and 2, control your breathing.  “A Real Man always paces himself, unless he’s fucking.”

Now I don’t know how, when or why it happened, but at some point during fuck fest, I blacked out and when I woke up his wife was violently riding my cock and refusing to get off so that my own wife could have a turn.  In and out of consciousness, I could hear my wife saying, you’ve been on him for an hour bitch, hurry up, I want some too.  You may remember all the filthy fucking fantasy shit I described in part 1 of this video, this is what happened after all that shit.  I can only hope my wife didn’t notice I was unconscious because as far as ways of dying are concerned, this was clearly at the top of the list, but not at fucking 25 years old.  I wanna do this shit again at some point.  Preferably as soon as the rash heals.  “A Real Man always stays on top of things, unless 2 hot bitches are riding his dick.”

I finally got aware enough to realize what the fuck was going on and threw this bitch off me before she fucking killed me.  I then yelled at my wife for letting this bitch fuck me to death.  I thought you had my back, I thought you loved me, what the fuck?  What guy says that to his wife that just facilitated him fucking another chick all night long, A Real Man bitches, get used to it!  I then drank about a gallon of water, got up and got dressed without my wife getting her chance to fuck me, just as I’d promised before all this shit went down.  “A Real Man always says what he means and means what he says, even if he says I’m gonna act like you’re not even there.”

~ John D. – The ARMed Comic